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Former newspaper editor, now a magazine editor and publications director for higher education in North Carolina. “About Me” is always changing, so we’ll be vague here. If you want to know more, I’m easy to find. Send me your best joke.


13 thoughts on “About me

  1. I am just now seeing your article and post on Kenny George.
    You and the rest of these respondants must be fans of some type of Superiority of Southerners or something but certainly not of Basketball. First and foremost Tyler Hansborough did not really dunk on Kenny by fair rules and regulations of the game , the boy traveled and took 3 steps to get to the rim. Kenny could’nt believe that the officials did’nt bother to call the violation. How do you Southerners jump with joy as if the Black evil giant was slain, when in fact Kenny was kicking theyre behinds all night and there was nothing Tyler or the others could do about it. Until Tyler was allowed to make a violation in order to get up and dunk before Kenny could get to him in regular fashion and time. That is called cheating, and it is cheap and tawdry of you people to celebrate a cheap and cheating move at the expense of this young man just to glorify your predjudice and elevate your false Idol Hero Tyler.
    By the way replay the Video of the dunk and count Tylers steps. It is a violation and Kenny knew it. I have trained and raised him better than to have a look of being at a point of urgency because he’s in the presence of Some place like Chapel Hill. Therefore if he had a look of being nonchalant it is because he realizes that they are no better than he and vice versa. There was nothing they could do to stop Kenny and yet you cheap tawdry Southerners want a hero so bad you’ll cheat and create one. Check the facts. Remember Tyler was getting his but whipped by Kenny all game long when they were both in there at the same time. If your going to beat me or mine then do it by Game rules and regulation not by cheating politics and hype.

  2. Geez, looks like you miffed Kenneth Sr. with your tawdry Southern superiority political hype. Knock if off, Billy.

  3. Has there been any news on the “soccer ball dog”? I really hope they catch the person(s) responsible. I’ll never understand how anyone could harm an animal who wants nothing more than love from humans…

  4. Nice intro! One little thing, though. Sanford is in Florida, not North Carolina.
    I pass by the Herald building on my way to work. If I ever see you in the lot, I’ve give a honk and send a wave!

  5. I liked your post last year about Christmas coming too early. I feel the same way, and wrote a cartoon on the topic at the url above. Thought you might get a kick out of it.

  6. just was searching for fellow kappa sigmas from como-pickton im from the xi upsilon chapter in commerce, tx, AEKDB to you bro

  7. Like your style, Billy. I used to be public information director at Campbell University — late 1980s. I live in Fayetteville now, but was raised in Sanford — 1st through 10th grades. My parents operated a children’s clothing store on Steele Street next to the Perry building. My grandfather on Mother’s side owned all the movie theaters in Sanford in the ’30s, ’40s, and ’50s. My grandfather on Daddy’s side co-owned a wholesale grocery business and operated several supermarkets. I came across your site while looking up info on the Endor Greenway in Sanford. I hope to walk it soon. I go up that way fairly often now to look after a relative’s home in McCracken Heights. Did you work for Campbell while Dr. Wiggins was president? My stepmother is on the board of trustees. She lives in Keith Hills. Drop me a line if you wish! Buddy Howard

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