About that gun control thing I wrote …

Thank you for the kind words and the not-so-kind words on what I wrote yesterday.

To clarify a few things … it wasn’t written solely on emotion. I’ve always felt this way and am ashamed it took a bunch of first-graders getting mowed down for me to express it. Second, there are exceptions, but the majority of clear-headed people who want “gun control” (and yes, I consider myself clear-headed) don’t want to “take your guns away” and leave you defenseless. We want items like lightweight semi-automatic rifles that are as easy to shoot as paintball guns taken off store and pawn shop shelves.

And to those who say the Second Amendment was created to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government (which is true) and thus, gives us the right to any firearm we please … I say this, it would take a garage full of scud missiles and tanks to stop our government. It’s what we have an Army for, and if our Army “turned” (as I assume is the scenario in this argument), we’re toast.

I’m all for increased security in schools and highly trained police officers in every hallway. But training and arming our teachers? A: My 70-year-old kindergarten teacher, Ms. Sharp, comes to mind and the idea of her “strapping a sidearm” while teaching us our ABCs is insane. Teachers are human and they’re capable of bad things as well (I can start posting links if you wish). Giving them guns will certainly stop a madman. I don’t doubt that. It will also eventually lead to arguments with students that end with a bang. Or even the threat of a bang.

I love this country and what it was founded on. And for 200-plus years, it’s been going pretty damn well, save for a civil war, a few assassinations and tons of racism. But for the past 15-20 years, this new evil has emerged. The mass killer.

And our society makes it really easy for this person to exist and succeed.


One thought on “About that gun control thing I wrote …

  1. So Billy how far do you go? What guns do you take away? The ones with the same mechanism or the “scary” looking ones? We go way back and I know not everyone will agree with anything but I do truly think that APS, CPS, and MHMR have to step up and start doing their part. Sure we can all go through the cliches of cars kill people and blaming guns etc but we have to go to the root evil the shooter and not the gun. Will stuff come through legislation to take stuff out of our hands, sure but everyone has to be accountable for ourselves

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