Our Harry Potter front

The Herald’s Alexa Milan did a great job with our Harry Potter coverage Wednesday … here’s the result.


One thought on “Our Harry Potter front

  1. While there was some dissent about the placement of an American GI hero getting a top award from the President we must understand the role of both a local newspaper and a large nationally publication. If the soldier were from Sanford or Lee County then story placement to me is an issue. However, in the scheme of the depressing economy here in Lee County including our school budget a ray of sunshine at a local level I am sure would be welcomed by many! As the final chapter of the Potter “mega” movies ends young and old need that entertainment “rush” to both escape plus enjoy those words from those books now on the wide screen. And no I am not a Potter fan but then again years ago my father never understood the adulation bestowed on Elvis Pressley…..

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