Can’t lose with Star Wars

I’m officially the 5 millionth person to post this, but there’s too much genius in this commercial not to say something.
It’s Volkswagen’s Super Bowl entry, and it’s about a pint-sized Darth Vader who’s trying to use the Force on everything in his house. Frustration sets in until his Force push works on dad’s VW … with a little help from dad.
It’s a great ad — already at 6 million views on YouTube — and people will keep talking about it well after the Super Bowl. But it’s great because it’s memorable … not because VW’s “start your car from anywhere” feature is new or anything.
It’s also great for a Star Wars geek like me … one who did try to Force push things after my first viewings of the trilogy in the early 80s. And who am I kidding, I still get a kick out of Force-opening the elevator door at work.
Other neat things about the commercial:
• “Vader’s” walk down the white hallway is reminiscent of his introduction in Episode 4, walking down the white hallways of Leia’s ship.
• The kid’s reaction at the end … brilliant.


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