Why we need a tethering law

The above photo was e-mailed to me by a Herald reader on Sunday. I won’t name her, and I won’t name the “owners” of this dog. But the reader did write:

“This guy is only a year old. He does have a dog house near him, but it is unassembled. He did have an empty food bowl and a water pan. His chain is probably about 7 feet and very heavy. He has probably another 10 years to live on that chain with no companionship or stimulation. A pup that can’t run or play … what a horrible life sentence. At least his people seem to keep him fed. Hopefully he will still be alive in July when there is a chance his life could improve.”

The Lee County Board of Commissioners will soon vote on the revised animal ordinance, which will disallow this kind of tethering. It’s a huge step backwards if they vote against this ordinance.

It kills me to see dogs live like this, and there are too many to count in Sanford that do.


One thought on “Why we need a tethering law

  1. My first thought was you printed a picture of my late dog Sadie. If the commissioners for Lee County have but a drop of human kindness in their blood, they will pass this ordinance.

    If the Lee County commissioner vote against this ordinance. the fine folks of Lee County at election time will show their human kindness at the polls and vote this folks out of office.

    Thanks you for caring Billy, don’t ever give up the fight for the rights of animals.

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