Blog hiatus

As you can guess, I don’t blog much anymore. Between long hours and social networking, the blog has taken a back seat.
I’m not ready to give it up yet, and I’ve put a lot of writing, thought and work into this in the past three years … but if I do come back to it, I’ll come back to it strong.
In the meantime, read the other blogs out there. And tell this guy I sent you.


6 thoughts on “Blog hiatus

  1. You really hit the nail on the head!!!!!! He should be tarred,
    featherhead, sprayed with bull manure and sent to another
    town / county!!!!

    • Henry, thanks for your comment. Please overlook my misspelling
      of the word “feathered”. Mr Weeble (as I call him) has approached
      me several times relative to my LTE’s, my addresses to the BOC
      and BOE. I finally had to tell him at the Candidates Forum last
      Thursday evening when he approached me again–“Keith, you
      and I don’t think alike. Leave me alone”!

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