Blog hiatus canceled: Hayley’s birthday

Just don’t expect daily updates.

Published Oct. 3, 2010 in The Sanford Herald
“Enjoy it, Billy … she’ll be in college before you know it.”
That statement or a form of that statement must have been uttered to me more than 16 million times to me in the past year. Of course, they’re referring to my daughter, Hayley, who turns 1 today.
Yes, I can’t believe she’s gotten so big. I’m amazed by every new word, every new step and this insane sense of humor she’s seemed to develop in recent months.
But did the first year just fly by?
I can’t say that is has. And trust me … that’s a great thing.
Time is time, I suppose, and our first year with our first daughter was 365 days, just like any other year. But I look back on this first year as one with many more memories, many more highs than lows and many more satisfying firsts. My wife, Jennifer, and I have — in a year’s time — created life and watched it develop from baby to toddler. In a mere 365 days, we’ve gone from first breath to 25 consecutive steps without falling or grabbing a hold of something.
That’s more insane than the sense of humor.
And when I get particularly sappy, I’ll tell friends and family members that we simply cannot remember what life was like before Hayley … and I had more than 32 years like that before she ever came along. And I can’t imagine life without her.
Sure, perhaps the coming years will “fly by,” but Year 1 was special, and it was everything I’d hoped it would be. And I realize that today’s birthday party — which a ridiculous amount of people agreed to attend (we love all of them … just amazed they all said yes) — is less a party for Hayley (who actually remembers their first birthday?) and more of a celebration for Jennifer and me.
One year as parents. One year as a family.
Here’s hoping for a hundred more. And here’s hoping they don’t fly by.



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