Local, local, local

Every now and then, the “local” news just comes to us, and on Thursday, it came to us in a big way.
Friday’s news section in The Herald has no fewer than 10 local stories (not bad from a newsroom staff of 6 — that’s 2 writers, 2 editors, a special projects editor and a photographer).
And these weren’t briefs either. It was big news all around — Caterpillar announces 325 new jobs in Lee County, United Way celebrates its 50th anniversary locally, our college held its summer graduation … and much more.
And we had fun covering and presenting the Caterpillar story, one that’s huge for our community that’s suffered through unemployment figures in the 12-13 percent range (it got as high at 15 percent recently). These are good-paying jobs that are certain to provide a shot in the arm to our local economy.
As for the headline. Yes, I know it’s a pun, but we all liked it. It was a joyous occasion … we didn’t mind a happy header.
Below is our front page and a few of the inside pages from Thursday. In all, we filled 8 pages of local news in our 12-page section. For once, the state and national stuff had to take a seat way in the back.


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