Truck nuts

truck nuts

I know this is an odd subject to “return” with on this blog (I’ve been blogless for two weeks now) … but I drove behind a pair of these bad boys today.
And my question is simply, “why?”
I survived the “Calvin pissing on a Ford logo” era without much questioning, and I’ve even learned to accept guys who put their name on the back of their pick-up truck window and their girlfriend’s name on the other side … but I can’t get my mind wrapped around truck nuts.
I even saw glowing truck nuts one night.
Is it telling me your truck is manly? Is it strong like bull? Are you simply showing the world the gender of your vehicle? Can a truck with nuts have a girl’s name?
Please help me to understand it. I’m not clueless on white trash culture … I’m really not. I grew up in Texas. Poor in Texas. I had a rat tail once.
I … I … I give up.
Truck nuts.
Or nutz?


One thought on “Truck nuts

  1. They are a great accessory for decorating a vehicle post-wedding. I strapped a set to the driver’s door of my cousin’s truck, along with a helpful honeymoon tip, last summer.

    Other than that…I don’t get it. There are much cooler things to waste $30 on.

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