33 … best year yet

So, 33 wasn’t such a bad year. In fact, 34 has a lot to live up to.
I celebrated my 34th birthday Tuesday by getting cards from my wife, baby and dogs … getting tickets to Star Wars in Concert this Sunday at the RBC Center in Raleigh (very cool gift) … and by working all day. Friday, we’re going to see “Inception,” which is getting great reviews … so it’s been a great week.
But that great week is merely capping off my most memorable year by far … and I’ve had memorable years.

5: Started kindergarten, got my first bike
12: Moved to Texas
16: Dallas Cowboys win Super Bowl, senior year of varsity football, had a hot girlfriend
19: Joined a fraternity in college, met my two best friends
21: Met my hot wife
27: Married my hot wife, visited the Caribbean
31: Moved to North Carolina
33: Became a father

Yes, my 33rd year will be defined by becoming a dad. On Oct. 3, 2009, my wife Jennifer and I introduced Hayley Alexandra Liggett to the world … and our lives haven’t been the same (for the better, of course).
I’ve never been one to think having children gives a man or woman a “purpose,” but I have realized that when you have a child, suddenly all you want is for them to succeed and be happy. Comedian Louis C.K. said it best when he said it’s really all about them.
And … not to brag or anything … I’ve got a pretty terrific kid. She’s smart, beautiful, hilarious and smart (did I say smart?) … am I starting to come off as one of those parents?
I don’t care.
My wife and I waited to have children … waited until our careers were on the right path. Waited until we could financially support a child and not go broke. Waited until the time was “right.”
The time is never completely “right,” but I’m glad we waited.
At 33, I was older and wiser and more able to appreciate what I have with my wife and my child.
Sure, I won’t live to see my great-great grandchildren.
I’m sure they’ll be punks anyway.

Other great parts of 33:
• Visited Texas and Louisiana and saw family (marking second time during year I spent quality time with my family, which lives half a country away)
• Great year at The Herald … celebrated most NC Press Awards in paper’s history
• Dallas Cowboys won a playoff game for first time in 13 years
• Great trips to Atlanta, the Outer Banks and Emerald Isle with my wife


One thought on “33 … best year yet

  1. Congrats on all the good stuff going on. I’m living my 33 right now. This has been a great year for me so far. Had a new baby in March. Both careers on are on track, and I, too, am going to Star Wars in Concert with my 5 year old – how sweet is that??

    33 is my lucky number, after all…

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