Lost: Preparing for the finale

Tonight, I will watch a new episode of my all-time favorite television show for the last time.
As will millions of others.
It’s been a heck of a six-year ride.
I credit my wife, Jennifer, for getting me hooked on “Lost,” the mega-hit of a TV series that’s changed the way the world watches TV since its inception. Name another show in our history that’s spawned thousands of bloggers and conspiracy theorists who pick apart every detail of an episode in search of hidden meanings. Name another show that picked its end date three years in advance and up until the finale — which airs at 9 p.m. tonight on ABC — still has viewers scratching their heads and searching for “answers.”
Six years ago, I thought “Lost” was going to be a scripted version of “Survivor,” with immunity challenges and the “Gilligan’s Island” theme of not being able to get back to the mainland. I suppose the second part is true — though we learned our heroes left the island by Season 4, only to get sucked back in — but where “Lost” grabbed my imagination was with its surprising sci-fi elements and use of “flashback” storytelling to tell us how the castaways go there.
We’d soon learn the characters — Jack, Sawyer, Locke, Kate, Hurley, Sayid and eventually Desmond, Ben and a host of others — were all connected … though often they didn’t know it. Then as Season 1 came to a close, we began to wonder what or who was in the hatch. In Season 2, we asked who the mysterious Dharma Initiative members were. By Season 3’s end, we wondered who was in the coffin. Season 4 played with our minds with “flash forwards,” and Season 5 confused us (nicely) with time traveling and the backstory of a man named Jacob, the island’s keeper who, turns out, had all of this planned all along.
Six years and all but one episode remaining, there are still mysteries to be solved, and while I’m excited to see how it ends tonight, I must admit it will all be bittersweet for me. After tonight, I won’t have that one show I’m drawn to each week (I know, I know, “pick up a book” … maybe I will).
Like “Star Wars” and “Batman,” “Lost” is the one pop culture icon that I completely “nerd out” to. Thankfully, I’m not alone.
This week, I asked my fellow Lost-ophiles a few questions about their thoughts on the show and their wishes heading into the finale. Their answers can be found at my blog — https://billyliggett.wordpress.com — today, but here, you can read my answers to these simple, but deep, questions.

1) How are you going to watch the finale?
I imagine there will be plenty of “Lost” parties tonight across the world, but you won’t see me at one of them. While it would be fun to be with my fellow nerds, I tend to prefer to watch this show in silence. When there are others blabbing away, I’m missing valuable information.
Therefore, Jennifer and I will be watching with one or two friends tonight. The baby will be asleep by 9 p.m., and the room will be quiet.
Just the way I like it.

2) How do you think it will (should) end?
I honestly have no idea, but I think a satisfying ending would have Jack and Locke sitting on a beach — one dressed in white, the other in black — talking good and evil and watching another plane/ship coming to the island … a nod to the Season 5 finale with Jacob and “the man in black.”
Or … Jack gives up his role as “protector,” sinks the island and joins the “sideways” world, where he has a son and satisfying life.
Actually, I’d be happy with whatever they throw at us … just hopefully no black screen ending like “Sopranos.”

3) Your favorite “Lost” moment?
Without a doubt, Desmond’s phone call with Penny on Christmas Even in the episode titled, “The Constant.” It was heartfelt, well performed and still had the cool sci-fi element I love about the show.

4) Your favorite “Lost” character?
Desmond is up there, as are Locke and Sawyer (and nobody can hate Jack, Hurley, Juliet or Faraday), but I’ve always been a Sayid guy.
I loved his backstory as a torturer in the Iraqi army, and I’ve enjoyed his constant good vs. evil inner turmoil. Plus, he’s a bad-a** and has shown this on several occasions.
While I thought his death a few episodes back was a bit rushed, it was a redeeming death. I hope his “sideways” arc has a better ending.

5) What question would you like to see answered in the finale?
My friends has said “polar bears,” “why is Walt so special” and “who really is good and who’s evil?” … but the answer I’d like to see — how did Hurley remain so “robust” living on an island eating Dharma scraps and fruit, all while running and walking most of his time there?
That’s the real mystery of “Lost.”

If you have anything you’d like to add, send your thoughts on “Lost” — or your review of the finale — to bliggett@sanfordherald.com to be included in his blog and finale wrap-up this week.

My wife, Jennifer St. Clair
1) How you’re going to watch the finale
With great concentration.

2) How you think it will (should) end
I have spent 6 seasons just being a spectator, so I’m not going to start guessing what’s happening/gonna happen now!

3) Your favorite Lost moment
Any Des moment could be my favorite, especially the phone call and the reunion. I would say the flash-forward unveiling, but I’m still mad you knew that’s what was happening all along.

4) Your favorite Lost character
Des. Sigh.

5) The question you want to see answered the most
I want to know what happened to Vincent. Also, I’m with Mary…what was the deal with Walt. And…Aaron.


Jay Riley of Sanford
1) How you’re going to watch the finale
Watching with my wife.. Probably pauses for crib breaks.

2) How you think it will (should) end
I’m hoping were done with the mythology, and moving to some character conclusions. In watching the alt realty scenes, the realization points for the characters have been full of emotion… Really anticipating the Jack/Locke realizations. Mainly, just wanting to see the MiB parish.

3) Your favorite Lost moment
Favorite moment easily is “The Constant”, Des/Pen call.

4) Your favorite Lost character
Probably Ben, mainly because he has been the one that crosses the good-evil line so much… I wonder if he even knows sheer the line is anymore.

5) The question you want to see answered the most
Who stays, who goes. Who lives, who dies. And if Ben redeems himself.


Carl Bryan of Sanford
1) How you’re going to watch the finale
I’m watching the Finale in silence because my wife and kids aren’t interested in the show.

2) How you think it will (should) end
This is going to end with another magnetism moment that will place everyone off the island and into the sideways arc to lead their lives with new insight.

3) Your favorite Lost moment
I’m still trying to figure out the Polar Bear stuff

4) Your favorite Lost character
Hurley. I love the fact he was trying to rewrite Empire Strikes Back so he could make some money off of it.

5) The question you want to see answered the most
Why Polar Bears?


Allie Ragan of Virginia
1) How you’re going to watch the finale
with popcorn, parents, and dead silence so we don’t miss a thing.

2) How you think it will (should) end
revealing who’s evil and who’s not.

3) Your favorite Lost moment
when Desmond found Penny.

4) Your favorite Lost character

5) The question you want to see answered the most
who’s really the good guy and who’s really the bad one.


Mary Mason of Albemarle
1) How you’re going to watch the finale
On the couch with my boyfriend and the only other couple we know who have kept up with the show from the beginning.

2) How you think it will (should) end
I think the Island will end up being destroyed in some way, but I’m just hoping for happy endings for all the characters. I’d hate for the final shot to be Hurley in the looney bin and it’s all been his crazy dream.

3) Your favorite Lost moment
I believe that the season 3 finale cliffhanger when we realize there have been flash-forwards and that the characters actually got off the island may have been one of the best moments of television ever. Karl in Room 23 was also deliciously unsettling.

4) Your favorite Lost character

5) The question you want to see answered the most
I’d like to see some resolution for Walt – he was so special and mysterious for a while and I’d like to see how his “powers” are relevant to the big story.


One thought on “Lost: Preparing for the finale

  1. You forgot one:

    Jonathan Owens, Sanford
    “Lost” non watcher

    1) How you’re going to watch the finale
    On my couch watching “America: the Story of Us.”

    2) How you think it will (should) end
    I think the professor should get incenerated by his latest invention, the skipper should drown and Gilligan should marry both Ginger and Mary-Ann, because, really, who could ever choose between the two?

    3) Your favorite Lost moment
    That time when I “watched” the Season 4 premiere at Billy’s house and made fun of it all night with Gordon, much to the chagrin of Billy and his friends.

    4) Your favorite Lost character
    Michelle Rodriguez. Drinking and driving is cool!

    5) The question you want to see answered the most
    After the third season, while didn’t they call it “Found”?

    Seriously, though. I meant to get into this show at one time, then I just kept on living my life.

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