Lost 6.5: The Lighthouse

First, I apologize to those who enjoy reading this for not posting the last two weeks on the final season of “Lost.” Sometimes, life gets in the way, and with a 4-month-old girl (in addition to a pretty busy life), it was just way too difficult.
But I realize there’s only 13 or 14 more opportunities to write about my favorite TV show before it fades to black for good … and I am making a vow today to be more consistent with these.
Plus … the past two weeks of “Lost” have been, simply put, amazing. It’s a show I’m nuts about anyway, but the past two weeks have moved at a faster pace, they’ve revealed more answers and brought up even more questions and they’ve started setting up the storyline that I feel will be the catalyst of the final episodes.
And that is ….

The 6.4 episode, “The Substitute” (remember, the premiere counted as two episodes) showed us Fake Locke — or FLocke … or Lockeness Moster … or UnLocke — and his attempt to “recruit” Sawyer to join his side.
For what? We don’t know yet. We do know it has something to do with Jacob, taking over the island and the group of Other Others residing in The Temple. What was great about “The Substitute” was the interaction between FLocke and Sawyer … was Sawyer the victim of a con? Was Sawying conning FLocke by agreeing to “join his team?”
This week’s episode showed the recruitment of Hurley and Jack by Jacob … who manipulated both men to reveal the island’s Lighthouse, where Jacob could watch the lives of his “candidates” through a special lighthouse mirror. And finally, we see the Claire has been recruited by FLocke by episode’s end (the revelation that she knows him as the “man in black” may lead some to think the ghost of Christian Shepard was, indeed, the MIB … who felt the need to become Locke in order to build his army).
That’s what I think, anyway … that it’s all leading to a fight against good and evil — Jacob and the Man in Black — and the numbers, the crash, the Dharma Initiative and everything having to do with this island is all part of a grand scheme for island dominance by these two men (or deities).
Then again, this may be but a subplot for an even bigger picture. We’re 13 episodes away from a finale, and I still have no idea what this island is.

The past two weeks, the sideways flashes have been nothing short of brilliant. I read something from the producers after the premiere that viewers shouldn’t look at these “sideways flashes” as case of “what might have been” … rather, look at them as vital pieces of information that will come together with the current on-island story-arc.
Last week, Locke’s sideways flash (the way life would be had the plane landed) revealed a much different life. We got a suggestion that his father wasn’t the reason for his being paralyzed, and we were introduced to a Locke who, though still disturbed by his condition, had come to accept his limitations. The fact that he became a substitute teacher in the same school where Ben Linus taught just blew my mind.
We’re learning little by little that this isn’t a timeline of simply “What if the plane landed,” but instead, a completely different timeline altogether. Is this the way things would have been had the island not been blown away in 1977?
This week’s flash sideways revealed Jack to be a father of a teenage son (a gifted teenage son). We learn his father-son issues are much like those he experienced with his own dad … but this episode ended with Jack overcoming that by reaching out to his son in a way his father never did for him.
Where this is all leading is intriguing … when it’s all said and done, will Jack still be a father? I think I’d actually be disappointed if what we’re seeing now turns out to be just a “what if?”
And you get a sense that Jack is feeling that something isn’t right … he doesn’t remember that his father took out his appendix when he was 8 (on the island, his appendix was removed by Juliet recently), and when asked by the “samurai” how long his son played piano … he responds with an “I don’t know.” Does he not know because he’s not really remembering much about this life, or does he not know because he’s just a crummy dad?

I know I’m just touching the surface on these past two weeks, and I realize I’m missing a lot of key plot points. But there’s only so much time, and these are the parts of the show I’m enjoying most right now.

WHERE IS THIS ALL GOING? You tell me … feel free to comment below (or on Facebook).

Tidbits from lostpedia.com, which has great information posted after each show (and no spoilers about future episodes).
• The sign for David’s (Jack’s son) recital reads “Welcome all Candidates.”
• The sheet music in David Shepard’s room, that he was also playing in his audition, was for Chopin’s “Fantaisie-Impromptu” which was the piece young Daniel Faraday was playing in a fifth season flashback.
• Jack reminds David he used to read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to him when he was younger. In a flash-forward in Season 4, Jack reads the same story to Aaron. (“Something Nice Back Home”) Two of Jack’s centric episodes are named after Alice stories. (“White Rabbit”) (“Through the Looking Glass”).
• The church where Sawyer attended his parents’ funeral is one of the buildings seen briefly in the mirrors of the lighthouse.
• The location where Jin and Sun were married and touched by Jacob can be seen in the mirror in the lighthouse.
• A poster on the wall of David’s room advertises the band Meat Coat which is the band Charlie tells his brother they have a chance to open for in LA.


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