First-grade experiment: Scott Stinard

Wow … so it’s been more than a year since the last first-grade classmate of mine responded to a blog where I posted my class picture, listed their names, and sat back and waited for everybody to come calling.
Up to now, only two others from the class were found — Mark Miller, my best friend through the third grade; and Ben Pratko, whom I knew but not all that well. As I stated in the original call for classmates, I went to elementary school in Richmond, Ohio, from kindergarten through the third grade (I moved to Atlanta for a few years before ending up for good in Texas in the sixth grade).


Last week, I got an e-mail from Scott Stinard with the subject line, “Too Funny.”
His e-mail read:
“If I recall, my teachers were … Ms. Pilarski (first grade), Mrs. Evans (second grade) and Mr. Blake (third grade). My family moved to Florida in the middle of the third grade, and I ended up in Florida as a fourth-grader.
“I am now married with a pair of boys (5 and 2) and a pair of dogs. We live in Apopka Florida, a suburb of Orlando.
“Here is a recent pic of me and my 2 year old.”


Of the three I’ve heard from, two live in Florida now (and I’m in North Carolina), so it goes to show that nobody stays in Ohio.
Thanks, Scott, for responding, and if you know anybody else in the picture, tell them I’m hunting them down.

First-grade experiment links
CLASS PICTURE and original post
Mark Miller
Ben Pratko

Here are the names of the children in Ms. Pilarski’s first grade class at Richmond Elementary School, 1982-1983. Some of the names are partial … maybe others can help me identify them.

The names:
Front row (left to right): Jamie Kranek, Tina Westling, Tracy Keyser, Heather Rush, Jennifer Gumbar, Billy Liggett.
Second row: Shelly ?, Erin Doyle, Elliot Hetzer, Samanda McAfee, Angela Batalucci
Third row: Mark Miller, Mark Taylor, Toni Dean, Justin Bell, Allen Thompson, Amy Sharrow (or Sparrow)
Fourth row: Chad DeMartin, Steven Moodie, Bret Miljus, Scott Stinard, Autumn Browner, Ben Pratko


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