Lost: Beginning of the end

I’m writing this about 24 hours before the final season premiere of the one TV show that’s been “required viewing” for me in the past 15-20 years.
The final season of “Lost” will be a bittersweet one for me. I’ve totally immersed myself into the mythology of this show … from the time traveling to the ghosts … the literary ties to the Biblical hidden meanings. It’s a show that requires your full attention, requires either a second viewing or in the very least, a look at the message boards to see what you may have missed, and requires your week-to-week dedication to fully appreciate this incredibly complex story arc.
Remember the Season 3 finale? Remember the whallop your brain took when you realized it was all a “flash forward” … that this show had been showing us clips of what was going to happen (thus telling us slyly that our “heroes” had left the island)? What other show can deliver those jaw-dropping, hair-raising moments?
Many will expect (demand) Season 6 of “Lost” to deliver these moments on a weekly basis, since there’s just 17 weeks left and so many unanswered questions. I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the ride (spoiler-free) with no expectations of what they “should” do and how the series will end (I quit guessing their purpose on the island back in Season 2).

So where are we heading in to the final season?
Half of the “Losties” were stuck in 1977, where Jack, Kate, Sayid, Hurley and Miles had to convince Sawyer and Juliet that they needed to blow up the Swan Station, the same station that caused their flight to crash in the first place 30 years later (they were back in 1977 after … uhm … wow, it would take a long time to explain that one … so I won’t). The season ended with Juliet stuck in the station with the bomb … and after a few slams with a rock, she succeeded, and the show faded to white.
Why was Jack so determined to “change history”? His life had been turned upside down since the crash (he’d gone from hero to a wreck), and that change was caused in large part by all the death he witnessed (Boone, Charlie, Eko, Claire *supposedly* to name a few). By blowing up the reason for the crash 30 years prior, the plane would land safely in the 2000s, and life would go on as normal.
The rest of the gang in 2007 just learned that the John Locke they’d been following wasn’t John Locke (that man was still dead and in a coffin, it was revealed). The “doppelganger” was instead the Man in Black we met in the Season 5 finale who told Jacob (the island’s “keeper”) he would find a loophole to kill him (this was back in the 1800s before the mysterious Black Rock crashed on the island). Locke succeeded in killing Jacob (through Ben Linus), and Jacob’s last words were “they’re coming.”
Not sure who “they” are or why it’s important, but it’s a hell of a way to leave us hanging for Season 6.
The show’s summer and fall teases showed commercials for Oceanic Air touting the airline’s perfect record (which they’d have if the plane never crashed), and fake commercials for Hurley’s successful chicken franchise (he introduces the Down Under Chicken plate after his inspiring trip to Australia). Another clip was an “America’s Most Wanted” of Kate, who was en route to prison and in handcuffs when the plane crashed in Season 1.
These all suggest the bomb worked, and I’m assuming we’ll enter the final season with a scenario that they landed in Los Angeles instead of crashing in the Pacific. (The title of this week’s premiere is “LA X” … LAX is the airport is L.A.).
Then again, my predictions are rarely right, and like I said earlier, I’m just going to enjoy the ride.
Come back to this site weekly for my “review” and/or “round-up” of each week’s episode. And for this final season, I encourage your thoughts in my comments area.

Have fun, nerd out and enjoy it.


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