The full episode

Live at Nine: Episode I from Billy Liggett on Vimeo.


2 thoughts on “The full episode

  1. Wow! Could that set have more brown in it. You might want to wear a different color so you don’t blend into the background. Did Gordon sit with his legs so wide open for comedic effect?

  2. I always thought Conan was an odd fit, to be honest. I loved watching Carson with my grandparents, but I guess I can’t imagine my grandparents (if they were still around) watching Conan. Perhaps the demographic has substantially evolved, but as much as I enjoy Conan’s humor, I have a feeling it’s largely lost on the Tonight Show’s target audience. Conan resounds with people our age and younger, and most of them aren’t watching tv at 10:30 pm central. In our home town, they’re losing their virginity in the backseat of somebody’s 1983 Pontiac with $500 rims in the Brookshire’s parking lot. Don’t know what they’re doing other places.

    I don’t remember Mrs. Cole giving us exams at 8:00 am…

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