Our TV show

Click picture to see the intro video:

Thursday night, Jonathan Owens, Gordon Anderson and I (you may know us as “The Rant” Wednesday mornings from 8 to 9:30 a.m.), made the leap from radio to television by hosting “Live @ 9” on WBFT TV in Sanford.
“Live @ 9,” as many in Lee County know, is a twice-a-week show hosted by Woody Seymour and Wayne Staton (as well as others), and the station’s general manager told us a few months back that it had an empty host slot the first Thursday of each month. So we agreed to give it a shot.
And we had a blast.
By no means were we seasoned veterans, and despite it being “just” cable access, we were all nervous. It’s one thing to be on the radio (which can be jittery enough), but to be on live TV where people can SEE that you’re nervous … I was a bit queasy before it began.
The few differences from other “Live @ 9” shows you might have noticed included:
• A live studio audience: we had four friends who did a great job
• Video clips: a parody intro, “highlights” of the National Championship game, a montage of video clips we’ve produced in the past two years and even a clip from the Treasure Hunters antique show that we didn’t have time for
• Headlines: Discussion on recent stories in The Herald
We did keep a guest segment, and we thank Peggy Taphorn from Temple Theatre for being a great first guest. Now that Episode I is in the books, we hope to do more skits and have more audience members in the future.
Above is the intro to this week’s show. I’ll post the full show as soon as I get my hands on a DVD.

See you in February.


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