A bad sign for newspapers

One of my favorite reads, and pretty much the industry magazine for journalists, “Editor & Publisher” announced this week that this month’s edition will be the last. Possibly.
An online article read: “As many know, we got our inexplicable closing notice from The Nielsen Co. on December 10, which was met by outrage, thousands of supportive messages and even an unlikely place on the Twitter trending list.”

What do I think? This certainly isn’t good news.
Newspapers continue to take a beating publicly, and E&P was one of the few publications out there that remained optimistic. It would honor journalists with titles like “Editor of the Year,” and it would consistently point out what newspapers were doing right.
I don’t think newspapers will go completely away during my lifetime, though it’s hard to continually create a great product when the powers-that-be continue to hack away at staffing and budgets. I contend newspapers are still the front line of journalism as we know it, and without them, our nation loses an important watchdog (especially at the “local” levels, where newspapers are often the only watchdog and media source available).
Here’s hoping E&P will find a home again, and as for the future of newspapers … just read Steve Outing’s final E&P column to get a good idea of what newspapers should have done and what should happen in the coming years …

Steve Outing’s column


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