Bad trip to Tokyo

After a positive review from The Herald’s Jonathan Owens, I decided to try “Tokyo’s Express,” a new take-out (or dine-in) Japanese restaurant on Horner Boulevard (near Food Lion and Tractor Supply) in Sanford.
It was one of the oddest dining experiences of my life.
First … I walk in and blasting on the speakers is an Eminem song. Odd, being that I was in a Japanese restaurant … even weirder that is was an uncensored version, and lyrics I haven’t heard since my days in Compton were flowing through the ears of other (older) restaurant patrons.
And it wasn’t barely audible … it was uncomfortably loud.

Then I ordered. Hibachi chicken for Jennifer. Hibachi steak for me. Total (with a drink): $17.51.
Amount I noticed on my credit card bill: $71.51.
Yowza. Glad I looked.
It was an honest mistake … but one the MANAGER couldn’t fix. So he gave me my $54 in cash as change and didn’t offer any discount or anything to make me happier, since I was angry that I would have to run to the bank after this and deposit $54 back into my checking account.
As I waited for my food, listening to more loud crap, a man walked in with to exchange a to-go order that was wrong.
Then I brought the food home, and Jennifer’s chicken was fatty .. my steak was bland.
I’m not one to usually bash eating establishments, as I know they’re usually advertisers for our newspaper and it’s not my intention to help put anybody out of business.
But this was bad.
Worst $71 ever.

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