“Phantom of the Opera” at the DPAC

This was my first trip to the Durham Performing Arts Center and my first-ever “Phantom” experience (I’d seen the movie) … and, in short, I was blown away.
There’s only a week left of “Phantom” left in Durham, and if you have the time and the desire to trek an hour north to go … go.
I won’t go into too many details except to say the performances are brilliant (particularly Tim Martin Gleason as the Phantom) … but what really steals the show is the set. That’s right, the set is awe-inspiring … the scene changes are flawless and impressive, and it’s all done on such a grand scale, you forget you’re sitting in a theater.
As for the D-PAC, this was my first trip there since it opened, and already, my wife and I can’t wait to go back (we’re in for “Wicked” in the spring).

Trailer for the new “Alice in Wonderland” film released
Saints fans shoot up a Redskins’ fan’s TV (white trash warning)
New ‘Lost’ promo (with Willie singing “Amazing Grace”)
This guy has too much time on his hands (still kinda cool)


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