Miss a day. Miss a lot.

I don’t brag on our paper too much … in fact, I don’t brag on our paper enough.
Our staff has been working hard the past few weeks, and if you ever needed a reason to continue subscribing to your local paper (for those of you who care about the news going on around you), I think Friday’s paper was the perfect example of our relevance.
If your child was one of the hundreds who graduated from Lee County High School last night, we had photos and a story.
If you’re interested in a Lee County deputy allegedly shooting and killing her husband at their home, we had the story, complete with that deputy’s photo (no other news source had that) and quotes from the victim’s father.
Southern Lee fans got a story about a talented graduate (their graduation is tonight), one in a two-week-long series on talented local grads from local schools.
We localized the national story on digital TV beginning for good today.
Hypercondriacs were none too pleased to see our first official swine flu case in Lee County.
And on the inside, we had a nice feature on a teacher retiring in Harnett County after a near-state record 53 years; plus in sports, coverage of the U.S. Women’s Open qualifier at Carolina Trace, where a 13-year-old girl qualified.

These things don’t get covered without your local newspaper. Pick one up. Subscribe. Advertise your business with us. … It would flat-out stink to not have newspapers.



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