Noelle Marsh on SYTYCD

In Wednesday’s Herald, we reported that Sanford native and 18-year-old Lee County High School graduate Noelle Marsh was one of about 172 dancers who received a ticket to Vegas for a chance at the Top 20 for this season’s “So You Think You Can Dance.”
All results were secret, and we weren’t certain Noelle would be featured or even shown in last night’s episode. I was able to catch the last hour of the two-hour episode (a third “results” hour airs tonight), and for those interested in how Noelle fared, I have good news and bad news.
The Good News: Dancers were knocked off left and right in the first hour, as dancers performed four straight days, four different routines. The good news is Noelle made it to Day 4 (the top 54). She wasn’t “featured” in the second hour (in other words, her back story was never shared), but she could be seen dancing several times, and her name was mentioned toward the end ….
The Bad News: The reason her name was mentioned at the end — she was one to be cut on the final day. Unlike some of the dancers, though, she didn’t turn on the waterworks, and the quick look we got of her, she was smiling and didn’t seem too disappointed.
That’s because she’s young, and more than likely, she’ll be back in next year’s show.

Congrats, Noelle … and good luck next year.


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