Broadway’s 32 seconds of fame


If you’ll recall in March, we made a pretty big deal out of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition filming the introduction to an upcoming episode at the North Carolina Veteran’s Memorial in nearby Broadway, N.C.


Well, this past Sunday, that episode aired on ABC … and while I don’t typically watch EMHE (I’m a Simpsons man, myself), I tuned in to see this week’s intro.
Now, if you’ll recall from my previous post on this, a lot went into producing this intro. Let me recap:
* Three days notice to the Town of Broadway that ABC was coming
* Town officials getting the word out on the day before so a crowd woudl arrive (yet still had to keep it a secret “nationally”)
* Hundreds of people arriving early in Broadway
* The EMHE crew (and Ty Pennington) driving hours and back from the actual build in Martin County, NC, for the Cooper family (the father suffered from Gulf War syndrome).
* At least three hours of filming with numerous takes, a small parade and lots of cheering.

All for 32 seconds on screen.
Now, I’m NOT intending to belittle it or make fun of it. The actual episode is touching … the disabled veteran and his family truly deserved the help they got, and their reactions at the end are touching.
I’m just a little surprised that SO MUCH goes into filming 32 seconds of footage.
I’m sure the town is proud to have been featured though, and the crowd looked good when the camera panned away.


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