At least I didn’t get a Baby Bjorn …

There seem to be certain memories that just stick with you when you’re having your first child: The moment you see that positive sign on the pregnancy test … the first ultrasound … that visit to the doc where he/she says you’ve hit the “safe” week … the moment you learn whether it’s a boy or a girl … and our most recent (and perhaps most numbing) experience — that first trip to the “baby store.”

Graco stroller A few weeks back, Jennifer opened up one of the baby books to the section called “Items you’ll need for your baby.” She showed me Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. And then she showed me Page 6. And most of these were “the essentials.”

So after finding out what we’re having last Thursday (it’s a girl, by the way), we finally gave in and made that first trip to the store. Already, our little girl has more clothes than I do (and her onesies are cuter than mine). We browsed the furniture section, looking at crib-and-drawer sets that cost more than our some of the things in our living room.

And the purchase we did make? A stroller/car seat set with better shocks than our mountain bike, a swing that plays music and I think massages the kid, a pillow specially made for “feeding time” (it’s called a boppy), and little T-shirts that say things like “Born in 09” and “Cute chick.” I actually liked those.

I’m really starting to like the idea of baby showers. Hell, I’ll even attend one if it saves me money.


5 thoughts on “At least I didn’t get a Baby Bjorn …

  1. After thinking I was going to cause the financial ruin of our family buying clothes for a little girl, it was refreshing, no scary, to see Billy just as excited (and more interested in spending more) to buy clothes. I told him Sunday night that we should stop buying clothes for now and he looked at me with actual hurt on his face. But this is our little girl, he said. This could get dangerous and may already be!!

  2. Don’t buy anything else until after your shower(s). No sense buying big ticket items when your friends and family will likely take care of it. Also, remember than second hand is often just as good as brand new … and only a fraction of the price. Craigslist and yard sales are your new best friend. We bought Bella’s entire nusery set off Craigslist for $200 and it’s still going strong 2 years later.

  3. What do you have against owning a Baby Bjorn (besides the fact that Jonathan apparently thinks they are terrible)? You guys like to hike with the dogs…ever tried hiking with a stroller? I don’t care how good the shocks are! Festivals, fairs, and such are miserable with a stroller but super easy with a Baby Bjorn. I LOVED my Baby Bjorn and was able to even do computer work while Leah slept comfortably all snuggled up to me. And when they are bigger and can face outward, babies LOVE to be up high and are able to see what is going on – sure beats the view from a stroller! Although I do agree with Kelly, let someone else buy it for you!

  4. Emily–you are exactly right. Billy was perfectly fine getting one until he told Jon we’d been at Babies R Us and Jon said, “just tell me you didn’t get a Baby Bjorn.” (By the way…how the hell does Jon even know what that is?)

    Eric–thanks for the info on car seat recalls. I miss you being my source for all things emergency and safety related!!!!!

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