Y mistakes suck

Nothing can wreck a Sunday for a newspaper editor like seeing a mistake on your front page. You work and work and work to make a good product, and one little missing letter seems to shoot down the whole product.
It’s unfortunate. But it’s true.
Yes, we had a front page headline mistake in today’s Herald. For the Broadway Our Way festival, the headline should have read, “They did it their way.” Clever, right?
Instead, it read “The did it their way.”
I’m not going to go into why the mistake could have happened or why that little headline error was overlooked, because there’s no sense in it. It’s a mistake … one I discovered 30 minutes ago and one that’s surely to eat at me throughout the day. I suppose writing this is like my therapy.

It angers me for a few reasons, other than the fact that it was just a dumb mistake. First … it takes away any legitimacy from what I felt was a strong newspaper today. Tons of local stuff. Great coverage of the Broadway Festival. Great local sports front page. Nearly all local Carolina section. About seven pages of local news in the news section.

Yet, if anybody wants to spout off about how “The Hurld sucks,” they merely point to that headline. Sure, people love to bash their local newspaper … and this gives them that ammunition I suppose.

Another unfortunate thing about it is this was Broadway’s big day, and should have been a keepsake for the festival organizers. My suggestion … clip the stories without the headline. It will still look good … I promise. I’m just sorry you have to do that. I really am.

Like I said, this is my therapy so I can enjoy the rest of my Sunday. I apologize to the staff who made the paper great today, I apologize to our readers, and I apologize to Broadway.

The whole topic of mistakes is open for discussion if anybody feels like bashing us or defending us. Feel free to comment below … just be sure to double check your spelling, or your argument is shot.


7 thoughts on “Y mistakes suck

  1. If it is any consolation, I didn’t notice it until you pointed it out — and I just about always notice typos! ha-ha Maybe I, like I’m sure many others will, read it with the “mental Y” because I knew that was what it was supposed to say!

    Sure, newspaper typos make for lots of water cooler conversations. But, if there are people out there that can’t understand that mistakes happen, then they need to go find a paper that NEVER makes a mistake! I’d bet it results in them never reading another newspaper because I doubt they will find one!

    Keep up the good work — The Herald has come a long way in the 24 years I have lived in Sanford and is an excellent local paper!

  2. It could always be worse – at least it’s not the infamous “Jackets Blow it Out the @$$” above the Masthead that ran about 8 or 9 years ago.

    There was also an instance where one of my co-workers (purposely) misspelled my name in my byline to what he thought was comedic effect.

  3. With so many other words that end in “Y”, I think the letter is used most senselessly. I applaud the Herald for taking a stand on overuse of the letter. This would be a great starting point for replacing boring letters like “Y” with more interesting ones like “Q” and “Z” which are rarely found.

    Seriously though, its no biggy. Most readers will pass right by it due to the missing letter effect: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1271029?dopt=Abstract

    Besides, with such good articles with lots of letters, does one letter ruin the whole bunch?

  4. I totally understand where you are coming from. I often obsess over emails, letters, and especially my vocational product… architectural documents, and then after too many minutes(or hours) of proofing…. find an error right after sending it on its way! 🙂 It’s almost guaranteed!

    But don’t worry too much about it(easier said than done I know).

    The bottom line is that we are so very fortunate to have a local paper, especially in these tough times for print, and for a city our size. Even when my father came to visit last autumn, he made a point to note how fortunate we were to still have a local paper. So it is something special, and gets noticed… even with a typo here and there(which as you know, even big papers make).

    There will always be nits to pick, disagreements on news or editorial content, but Sanford is much richer for having The Herald. Keep up the good work.


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