Lost 5.13: Some like it Hoth


Needless to say, I nerded out when I saw the title of this week’s episode of Lost, “Some like it Hoth.” Hoth, of course, refers to the ice planet where the rebels hid from the Empire in Empire Strikes Back, the second episode of the Star Wars trilogy.
Hoth gets a mention in this episode when self-proclaimed nerd Hurley reveals to ghost-whisperer Miles that since they’re in 1977, he may as well pen the “Empire Strikes Back” and mail it to George Lucas with what he calls “A few improvements” to the script. I’m not completely sure how you could improve Empire Strikes Back, seeing that it was the best of all six Star Wars movies in my opinion. I suppose Luke could have been less whiny on Dagobah … and I would have loved more with the bounty hunters, but otherwise it’s untouchable.
Other than that reference to the films, there were other obvious (and not so obvious) Star Wars themes in this week’s episode — Miles’ “twisty” reveal of who his father was (though it wasn’t hard to guess), the C-3PO/R2-D2eqsue comedic relationship of Miles and Hurley (who, like the droids, have to carry a secret to their leaders), and the way Miles’ discussion with his dying mother was similar to Luke’s confirmation of whom his father was from a dying Yoda (even down to the Yoda-like hair on his mom).
This Miles-centric episode reveals that the character — who was introduced in Season 4 as part of the Widmore-funded team of scientists sent to the island to find Ben Linus — has been speaking to the dead since he was a kid. He ended up turning it into a career, one that wasn’t always on the up-and-up (as revealed in his lying to the grief-stricken father and last season when he lied to a mother about her son before taking money from the dead son’s room). But Miles has a tender side, too … in both cases, he gave money back to the parent. It’s Lost’s way of telling us he’s not a bad guy. He just has issues.
And those issues deal with not knowing his father — Dr. Pierre Chang (from the Dharma Initiative training films) who in 1977, apparently made his family go back to the states while he stayed behind.
Through his flashbacks, one thing was confirmed: Widmore sent the team and officially planted the fake plane in the sea to throw searchers off.
Then a major question was raised through Miles being temporarily kidnapped and asked not to join the Widmore team by a character called Bram, who we last saw last week standing next to Illana on the island before the conked Lupidus in the head after asking about “why lies in the shadow of the statue.” So it’s official, the passengers on the Ajira Airlines flight aren’t all just coincidentally there. What team does Bram work for? Was Illana really a bounty hunter, or did she just know that getting Sayid meant getting to the island?

Crazy theory of the week: Since Illana and Bram aren’t with Widmore (and possibly not with Ben since Illana didn’t appear to recognize him), I say this means Dharma’s back in the picture and this was their way of getting back to the island? Are these the people who shoot at Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, Faraday and the rest on the rafts before the final time leap to 1974?

Other parts of the episode I found interesting:
• Miles and Hurley see the Orchid station as it’s being built and see the beginnings of the Hatch, the place where Desmond, Locke and company spent a lot of time punching in the numbers to save the world.
• Sawyer knocks out the weasley Phil after Phil shows him the tape of him and Kate smuggling young Ben to The Others. As Juliet says earlier … this is where it begins — their peaceful existence with Dharma is now no more.
• Faraday — who’s the central character in two weeks (next week is just a recap episode) — makes a dramatic return to the island as a Dharma scientist with a cool little “Long time, no see” to Miles, who helps Dr. Chang greet the new batch of Dharma folk.
• Hurley’s exclamation that “Ewoks suck.” They do suck, Hurley. They do suck. It shows me Lost writers realize that to keep the show great, they don’t need to appeal to the masses with furry little muppet.


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