Lost 5.11: Whatever Happened, Happened

Sorry for the lateness of this … but here goes …


I’ve never been a huge fan of Kate.
Nothing against the actress, Evangeline Lilly, but Kate’s character just hasn’t been the most intriguing in a series full of wonderfully developed characters. Her previous flashback episodes showed a life growing up in a messed-up family where she eventually blew up a house to kill her step-father … thinking she was doing it to save her mother (who wound up hating her for it and ratting her out to the feds).
Before the island, her paths crossed with Sawyer’s in a way in that she befriended Cassidy, who used to perform cons with Sawyer before he ended up pulling one over on her (and leaving her with a baby he’d never seen). She was eventually arrested, which led her to the Oceanic flight that crashed on the island.

Want a complete history of Kate (I’d forgotten she was even married), CLICK HERE

But back to the island, much in the same way it did for Sawyer (in his Dharma days), Locke (healing), Jack (hero) and others, the island allowed Kate to become a different person, a better person. Her “raison d’etre” moment came when Sawyer handed her baby Aaron after Claire went missing.
Which leads us to this season … where we’ve learned that Kate raised Aaron for three years, but those three years were full of fear of losing him. Once it was a dream that Claire was in his room, and in this week’s episode, a very Claire-looking lady was holding his hand after he was lost in a grocery store.
Not sure that she can handle it anymore — and under pressure from Jack to return to the island — Kate decides to hand Aaron over to his true grandmother (Claire’s mother) and tells her very convincingly that she’s returning to the island to save Claire.

And suddenly, I’m beginning to like Kate a lot more.
Where she used to be the secretive, follow-the-leader type when she first landed on the island, the 1977 Kate is taking the lead, making the decisions that Jack can’t make (helping save young Ben) and making decisions she feels will redeem her when it’s all said and done. This Kate has a mission, and despite the fact that young Ben will grow up to be the manipulative old Ben, she can’t let a kid die … even if her decision to take Ben to The Others really makes her the person that doomed Dharma’s fate.
As I said in an earlier post, I still think she’s pregnant from her rendezvous with Jack the night before they came back. That allowed her to be the “Claire” of the plane and will, I’m sure, complicate things in the future. (Side note, if she is pregnant, I suppose she shouldn’t have been giving blood … but oh well).

As for her “romance” with Sawyer … we learned this week that Sawyer didn’t help Kate hand Ben over to The Others to help her … rather, he’s doing it for Juliet. And I’m glad.
I think what’s hurt Kate’s character for me in the past is the writers’ insistence that she always be in the middle of the Jack/Sawyer love triangle. On-her-own-with-a-mission Kate, to me, if much more interesting, and now that she has a purpose — whether it is to find Claire or simply fulfill what the island has in store for her — she’s more important to the story.

Next week’s episode is entitled, “Dead is Dead,” and if it starts like it ended this week, we’ll see Ben’s complete reaction to seeing a resurrected Locke staring him in the face on the island.
One of the clever bits of written dialogue this week was the conversation of time travel between Miles and Hurley, where Miles tried hard to explain why 1977 is “the present” for them (Hurley was half-expecting to disappear ala “Back to the Future” if Ben died”. Miles’ assertion that “Whatever Happened, Happened” (the same theory expressed by Daniel Faraday) means that everything they’re doing in 1977 leads to what happens in 2003-2008.
Shooting Ben and handing him to The Others makes him the supposedly “bad man” he becomes.
Then Hurley tosses a wrench into that whole line of thinking by asking, “Then why doesn’t Ben recognize the man who tortures him (Sayid) back when he was telling the survivors he was really a man named Henry Gale?”
Miles can’t answer this, because Hurley’s right, Ben would have definitely recognized the man who put a bullet through his chest.
That is, until Richard Alpert explained it all at the end when Kate and Sawyer handed a dying Ben over to them. Richard explains if he takes Ben, he will not remember any of this, will lose his innocence, and will “always be one of us.” One of The Others tells Alpert that “Ellie” and “Charles” won’t be happy, referring to Widmore and Eloise Hawking … then Alpert takes Young Ben to The Temple, which we’ve only seen the outside of.
Then we see the “present day” Ben waking up and seeing Locke.
Episode over.

So … where does that leave us? It leaves us with six more episodes this season before a finale that, again, is supposed to drop our jaws. I really have no idea what’s going to happen, other than SPOILER ALERT we get to meet Jacob and learn that he’s been in the background in many of the flashbacks we’ve seen over the past five seasonsEND SPOILER. And that’s not what is supposed to be the stunner.

As for our characters … here’s where I see them over the last six episodes:

JACK: I think his “playing dumb” with Dharma will end and by season’s end, they’ll know he wasn’t supposed to be with them.
KATE: Same with Jack, with a possible pregnancy reveal
SAWYER: Probably booted from Dharma and back to his rogue ways, which will make him bitter after three years of island bliss.
JULIET: Same boat as Sawyer
HURLEY: We still don’t know why he’s returned, I think we’ll learn
MILES: Shouldn’t his “I can talk to the dead” bit come in handy soon?
FARADAY: He’ll be the centric figure in an upcoming episode, where I hope he sheds light on the time traveling and where exactly he’s already been.
BEN: The clips of next week’s episode show he’ll be “judged” by the island for his sins.
LOCKE: He’s resurrected and back to his confident island self … though I have no idea what’s in store for him.

WACKY PREDICTION: Jack and crew end up leading The Others after finding out that Dharma has bad intentions on the island. Years later, old Jack, Kate, etc. convince Ben to wipe them out … convince him to do everything he does later on in an effort to make sure they get back to 1977 to stop Dharma.

Let me know what you think.


2 thoughts on “Lost 5.11: Whatever Happened, Happened

  1. I think Ben will remember and this is how he creates his “list” of original Losties to capture back a few seasons ago. He is Ben, of course, and is under no requirement to show he knows these guys…how could he manipulate them?

  2. The only thing I can think of for a reason some made the jump and others did not is Widmore. He’s becoming more and more central to everything. Those who made the jump to 1977 had not been in contact with him. Those who are still with Ajira were in contact with him.

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