Sunday column: Ready for ‘The Change’

For the past two months, I’ve heard the phrase, “Your life’s going to change forever,” so much, that I’m actually starting to believe it.
Not that I didn’t expect it. I mean, having a kid is definitely a game changer if there ever was one.
Wait. I’ve never written about this?
I apologize then. Let me formally announce that I am going to be a daddy. My wife, Jennifer, is three months into the miracle that is life creation, and together, we’re experiencing a lot of “firsts” that come with this miracle.
Like the moment we found out. The fun we had in telling our families and friends. The very first ultrasound photo. The first trip to the “baby store” (we went to a Babies ‘R’ Us in Durham, where we didn’t buy anything yet, but my head still exploded from the idea of what all we’re going to have to get in such a very short time).
And I’m sure the next six months — and the lifetime that follows — will be filled with more wonderful “firsts,” all of which I’m certain to either write a column or a blog about.
Yay! I’ve got new material, folks.
I’m 32 years old now, and for the past 12 or so years, I’ve seen many, many of my old friends and classmates go through this. Thanks to Facebook, which I joined last year, I’ve been bombarded with photos of first birthday parties, first teeth, ultrasound photos, kindergarten graduations and every other kiddie-photo you can imagine. And I’ve always been the kind of person who enjoyed the photos, but at times, became agitated when it became “too much.”
My best friend from college has two little girls and a little boy due next week, and after his first kid, it’s all he ever talked about. Our old conversations about girls and beer turned into conversations about “his” girls and Elmo videos.
Not that I minded it, or anything. I just didn’t have the same enthusiasm as he did at the time.
So here I am, six months away from ever holding my first born, and I totally get it. You’re looking at a guy who’s not only scanned and e-mailed his baby’s womb photos, he’s also photoshopped a Dallas Cowboys helmet on one of the photos.
Yes, I’m nuts. And I’ll probably be the dad who goes on and on about Junior or the little princess until my friends start to get tired of it. In no time, I’ll be coaching Pee-Wee football games, driving my girl to gymnastics and scheduling play dates with the neighbors’ kids.
I never thought I’d be that person, but now … it all kind of sounds fun.
Jennifer and I are enjoying every moment of it so far — well, I’m probably enjoying it a little more because I’m not battling cravings, belly bands and 24-hour tiredness like she is. I am gaining a few pounds because of something called a “sympathy pregnancy,” something guys go through, I’ve read, so they feel more a part of it all.
Perhaps that will be fodder for a future column. Like I said, there’s tons to write about now. But if any of it gets to be too much — in other words, if I start coming off as annoying — I’ll trust somebody out there will be up front with me and tell me to pipe it down.
The fact that I finally “get” my friends’ pride and desire to talk about their kids so much means I’ve suddenly forgotten how the other side feels about hearing it.
Like I’m being told, my life’s going to change forever.
But change is good.


2 thoughts on “Sunday column: Ready for ‘The Change’

  1. I had heard the good news through the grapevine some time ago, but haven’t had a chance to congratulate you both.

    You indeed are in for a lot of changes both in routine, lifestyle, and likely outlook on life. I too had many friends with children before I did, and although I thought I ‘knew’ what they felt, why their priorities were what they were, etc. just because I had helped to raise my young brother… there is just no knowing how one’s life changes until that first child arrives 🙂

    Based on my observations of how you dote on your current ‘children'(Miles and Honey) I think you two are in for a lot of fun and great times as ‘human parents’ !

    Congratulations again, and get ready… those changes are indeed coming! 🙂



    Go out and buy some great movies you’ve been meaning to watch. You’re going to have ample opportunity to watch them at 2am while on ‘baby duty’. I ended up rewatching the entire ‘Band of Brothers’ in Charlotte’s first month or two.

  2. Good article. Now, come put my 2 year old in bed for the 8,000,000th time tonight and wonder why her sister has that sly grin on her face.

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