The Rant: Stanky Leg Edition″

Well, it was a learning experience on the Rant today.
In addition to learning more about the TIP411 program with Sanford Police Department’s Marshall Cameron, we learned about the “Stanky Leg” and all of the nonsense that goes along with it. Watch for The Rant’s upcoming production of “DooDoo Foot.”

Also discussed this week:
• Lee County Republic Party
• Obama’s bad week
• The “Best of Lee County” edition (due out Saturday)
• News of the Weird

And much, much more.


4 thoughts on “The Rant: Stanky Leg Edition

  1. no – don’t drop the blog….. 😦 start posting more non-news related stuff – you know, interesting personal stuff….;)

  2. Yeah, the blog is good. Facebook is…different. Blog is more of a personal touch, Facebook feels more like marketing.

  3. No, I’m KEEPING MY BLOG … I just mean the Rant’s blog … all we do on there is post the shows.

    My blog’s not going anywhere. In fact, I hope to be doing more with it as I begin writing about being a dad and having an angry, lovely, sad, happy pregnant wife.

    Love you, Jennifer.

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