The Rant: March 18″

No guest this week, but the Rant was still magically delicious.
Topics included:
* NCAA Tournament
* Taking showers in middle school locker rooms
* Annoying college roommates
* Local headlines
and much, much more.


2 thoughts on “The Rant: March 18

  1. I wonder considering the spelling of your name if your ancestors could possibly have come from Pennsylvania? My first ancestor came from Scotland and spelled the last name Ligat. He lived in West Wheatfield Pa-Indiana co. He had two sons John, and William. I discovered in visiting Pa. that for some reasons the two brothers began to spell their names differently. John Liggatt and William Liggett–thus making a lot of relatives for each spelling. I started to look into the whole background thing a couple years ago and have only recently started looking at Liggett-which of course you are–and in a way may be. The family turns out to be pretty cool . If anything rings a bell drop me a line when you have a minute. Thanks—-Respectfully yours, Larry Liggatt

    • Hello Larry,
      My mother’s maiden name was Ligat. Her father’s name was David Perston Ligat. He had three son’s, my uncles whose names were William, Robert and David. My mother’s name was Margaret.
      I have family tree sent to me from a cousin in England I also have an obituary for my great grandfather whose name is Robert Ligat. He was a native of Barrhead, Scotland but moved to Newmilnes Scotland where he lived a died in May 1910. He was a partner in David Ligat and son’s Madras and muslim manufacturers. Maybe we are related. I was just doing an internet dearch on my mother’s family name and came across your message. My mother used to tell me some family members moved to the US from Scotland. I hope I hear from you.
      Kathleen Jarocki Dupuis

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