Cowboys cut Terrell Owens

Terrell Owens

So I’ve had a full day to completely take this in.
The Dallas Cowboys, my favorite football team, cut its best wide receiver (and playmaker … and athlete) today and took a big salary cap hit in doing so. They’ve left themselves with a receiving corp of Roy Williams (jury’s still WAY out), Miles Austin (potential to be really good), Patrick Crayton (OK, but just OK) and Sam Hurd (exactly), and they’ve only made two free agent signings this year — Keith Brooking (aging slow linebacker) and Jon Kitna (decent Romo back-up) while the rest of their division is swinging for the fences (Skins get Haynesworth, Giants get Canty and Eagles … well, OK, we’ll leave Philly out of this for now).

On paper, this looks like a bad move. But I think I speak for most Cowboys fans in saying this — It had to be done.

T.O., we appreciate the numbers you put up. We appreciate the work ethic. And we appreciate the double teamings you took (from the defense and the media). But your “suicide attempt,” your crying for your quarterback in 2006, your tossing your QB and coaches under the bus at any other time, your beef with Jason Witten, your poor pass routes, your many dropped passes and your overall attitude were just too much. In other words, when Jerry Jones is willing to admit a mistake, then it’s a mistake.

I’m not saying the Cowboys will be better off without him on the field in 2009. But, by God, I will not miss the constant stories about him (and Pacman Jones, for that matter … another good cut). Perhaps Cowboys fans — and the team itself — can focus on other things like, oh, football. Perhaps.

I was sadder to hear Dallas let Roy Williams (the defensive one) on Thursday, but besides being a hell of a hitter, he couldn’t cover “Margaritaville” in a karaoke bar.

I’m not ready yet to say 2009 will be an interesting year, because there’s no telling who’ll land in Dallas by then. I’m hoping Marvin Harrison gives the team his final two years, only because it’d be nice to have a vet on the receiving corp who can actually run a good route. I know he’s lost a step, but he’s the anti-T.O. … and Dallas apparently needs those right now.


4 thoughts on “Cowboys cut Terrell Owens

  1. somethings must be done—his attitude was so self centered and did nothing for the team—now if you can get the owner off the field—maybe they can play some ball

  2. Tom Landry can stop rolling over in his grave for a little while…love the “Margaritaville” line.

    How about drafting Crabtree or another good college kid along with signing a veteran like Harrison? I do think Crayton and/or Austin can fit in the mix.

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