Lost 5.7: The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham


The season’s seventh episode, “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham” further diluted one burning question I’ve had the past year …
Who’s the good guy? Charles Widmore or Ben Linus?
John Locke is looking more and more to be a pawn in their game of “who is going to lead the island,” and the Lost writers had me for a while believing Ben was the good guy … that is, until we saw him bloodied and battered trying to reach Jack before the flight on Ajira Airlines and before he ended up being the guy who ended Bentham’s life on the land.
But even then … did Ben strangle Locke because he’s evil or because he knew Locke had to die (and be resurrected). Should we go back to the title of the sixth episode this season — 316 — to get a clue — “For Ben so loved the island, he sacrificed his only friend?” … or something like that.
And what about Widmore? Is his obsession with getting back to the island so strong (he put freaking cameras in a desert in Tunisia to capture the island’s next cast-away) because he knows Ben is evil or because of his own selfish intentions (eternal life, possibly)? Widmore, just like Ben, has been playing Locke like a pawn for a while. His sidekick, Matthew Abaddon, was the guy who nudged Locke to take the flight to begin with.
And the gravestone of Locke’s true love? Looked too new, didn’t it? A pretty convenient way, I’d say, to get Locke’s mind back on the island. I think his love is still alive … or killed by Widmore.
I thought watching Ben strangle Locke — which, by the way, was an amazing scene — was the nail in the “Ben is evil” coffin at first … but as I’ve done so many times after watching this show, I got to thinking. Maybe Ben knew John had to die, but it couldn’t be suicide (if you take the religious overtones this season into consideration, you know that in most religions, there is no eternal life — the good kind, anyway — after a suicide).
Long story short, I’m still debating who’s “good” between Ben and Widmore. Maybe neither are, and they’ll both have to be killed in the end. Maybe that is Jacob’s “wish” all along.
I suppose we’ll find out soon enough. Until then, I enjoyed this episode. I was worried the show would draw out Locke’s return to land … to me, it did it quickly — bang, bang, bang, bang … quick rejections and a suicide attempt. We all know Locke is torn between whether he’s special or not, whether it was all “meant to be” … and this episode did a great job in playing on his struggle.
As for his resurrection? I thought the hood unveiling was kinda cheesy (very Obi-Wan Kenobis-ish), but if he EVER doubted his importance or uniqueness before then, that should be put to rest.
The guy died and came back to life. I hope the Locke we see from here on out is a different guy. And his smirk when he saw an injured Ben after the crash tells me he will be different.

The only other interesting thing in the episode, aside from Locke’s journey, was seeing the survivors of the Ajira crash. The two new characters — their names escape me, as I’m not using notes or other Web sites this time — seem to have been “sent” to the island. Are they the ones who wound up shooting at Sawyer and Co. a few episodes back on the raft? Perhaps.

I know I left a lot out of this write-up, but I’m interested in your thoughts. Feel free to comment below.


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