Lost 5.6: ‘316’


I did something for this episode of Lost that I’ve never done before. Something that made me feel quite nerdy as I did it.
I took notes.
With all the time jumps, story twists and hidden meanings in Season 5 so far, it was almost necessary in order to come up with what I feel to be a good recap of the show. And I’m glad I did for Season 5’s sixth episode, “316,” which is so far my favorite of the season.
It’s the episode with the most surprises so far and the episode with the most unanswered questions so far this season.
I mean, really … why did Hurley and Sayid show up at the airport, what happened to Aaron (I know, Kate, we promised not to ask), how did Sayid end up in handcuffs, why was Ben bludgeoned before getting on the plane, why isn’t the island through with Desmond, why did Locke commit suicide and how in the hell did Jin become a member of the Dharma Initiative (and what year did they land in)?
What I love about Lost is that this show doesn’t mess around lately. They started Season 4 (instead of ending it) by getting the Oceanic 6 off the island. And just when you think Season 5 will obviously end with the 6 getting back on the island, here they are — five of them ending up there in the freaking sixth episode of the season.

Quick plot recap: This episode begins the way the show began … Jack waking up on the island. This time, instead of being confused, he’s happy to be there. Even gives a smirk. And once Jack hears Hurley drowning, he immediately springs to action … walks to the edge of a cliff, sees Hurley down below and — in true island-Jack hero fashion — dives in and saves him. All the demons of drug addiction and cowardism on the main land are gone … Jack is home.
Jack and Hurley see Kate, and the three realize they made it to the island.
Then we get a “48 hours earlier” flashback.
We go back to the “Lamp Post” — another nod to the Chronicles of Narnia — the room where Eloise has led Sun, Ben, Jack and Desmond. She informs the quartet that the island was discovered in this room by the Dharma Initiative and the swinging pendulum is what they’re using to find out where the island “will be.” Desmond, amazed the others want to go back, tells Eloise he’s simply there to deliver Faraday’s message. Once Eloise tells him the island’s not done with him, he walks off in anger.
She tells the remaining three they must get back to the island within the next 36 hours via a flight — Flight 316 from L.A. to Guam.
Jack returns home to find Kate, who tells him Aaron’s gone and asks him to never ask where he is. They end up getting physical. To me, this is huge for the plot … I’ll explain later.
The next morning, Jack gets a call from Ben, who’s calling from a pay phone near a bay. His face is bloody and scratched up and his arm will end up in a sling. I’ll give my theory on that, too.
At the airport, Hurley shows up, much to Jack’s surprise. Sayid shows up too, escorted by a police officer in handcuffs. Ben arrives cleaner but still a mess. Sun is there, too.
The flight takes off from Guam, and Jack discovers that the pilot is Lupidus, the helicopter pilot who got Faraday, Charlotte and Miles to the island. Lupidus realizes they aren’t going to Guam.
The plane hits a white flash.
Boom, they’re on the island.
We relive Jack waking up and saving Hurley, finding Kate. We learn Ben, Sun and Sayid aren’t anywhere to be found.
We then see the old Volkswagen van pull up — much newer than when Hurley found it the first time on the island — and out pops Jin with a rifle and a Dharma outfit.
The end.

Why did the “recreation” work without Aaron? I promise I haven’t already read this, but I’m sure I’m not the only one to come up with this. Remember, everything had to be recreated as closely as possible in order for the Oceanic Six to return.
Jack is still Jack, Sun is still Sun. But Sayid is now Kate … coming in wearing handcuffs, escorted by a police officer. Hurley could still be Hurley, but he brought a guitar with him, possibly as a nod to Charlie, who brought a guitar for the first crash. Lupidus, who was supposed to be the pilot of the first Oceanic flight, is now the pilot. Locke is playing the role of Jack’s father. Kate, I think, is Hurley … getting on the plane just to get away from it all?
And Aaron?
Well, remember, Aaron was but a baby in Claire’s tummy on the original flight.
If Jack just happened to impregnate Kate the night before …. then there you have it, Kate’s baby — though just the size of a pin head, is taking the place of Aaron.
Ladies and gentlemen, that’s why Aaron wasn’t necessary. Did Kate think of this … and trick Jack into hopping into the sack (while still loving Sawyer)?
Very possible.

Biblical references:
The Bible is all over the place in this episode, from the title “316”, an obvious nod to John 3:16 (for God so loved the word, he gave his only son), to the fact that the Light House is under a church. We also see Ben praying and sharing with Jack the story of Saint Thomas, who refused to acknowledge the resurrection of Jesus until he was able to touch the wounds (Jack refused to believe the mystics of the island until he finally took a leap of faith and got on the plane).

Why is Ben bloodied?
When he leaves the Lamp Post, Ben tells Jack he needs to fulfill a promise to an old friend. If you remember, he promised Widmore he’d kill his “daughter” as payback for his daughter getting killed by Widmore’s men on the island.
Well, of course, Penny Widmore — Desmond’s gal — is Charles Widmore’s daughter, and Desmond is obviously in L.A. Ben makes the call from what looked to be a boat dock, but I couldn’t tell for a fact.
So did Ben kill Penny, or at least give it a damn good effort?
But here’s my theory — Ben went to do something, and crossed paths with a very upset Sayid, who in true Sayid fashion, beat him to a pulp. This could have led to Sayid’s arrest, and I’m willing to bet Ben pulled some strings and had Sayid hauled off to Guam under police escort.

See what happens when you take notes? Things become clearer.
Interested in hearing other people’s thoughts.

AN ADDITION: To what Al said in the comments below …
Since they landed on the island in the “past,” who is going to be Jack and Kate’s child (if she’s pregnant)? Is it somebody we already know?
And what if the other people on the plane are the Others? Think about it … if they too are on the island, then we’re introducing a new set of people, possibly led by Ben.

Now my mind is about to melt.


5 thoughts on “Lost 5.6: ‘316’

  1. I found this episode to be ‘interesting’ from the perspective of the few reveals(such as the ‘lamp post’), but less exciting and packed with surprises than others so far this season. It seemed somewhat predictable and rushed to me as much had already been revealed or suggested in last episodes or previews.

    I think part of that impression I had was caused by the opening scenes on the island, then the flashback, which although I think we all knew some of the 6 would make it back to the island somehow; took away part of the surprise of the how/when.

    This episode seemed to just have less weight and content for me, and could have easily been one of at least two story tracks in the episode as previous episodes(i.e. on-island, off-island) have had.

    I also thought about the Kate & Jack child scenario, and now wonder what key character we all already know and love from the island MAY be their child?? Who knows 🙂 It was fun to have Jin find the castaways after their return, although of a potential list of ‘who just drove up’, I’d have to say he was again the most predictable except for perhaps Faraday. I’m up for some more surprises about who may have been part of past groups and history.

    I also had a minor hard time with the ‘just fly a plane over’ vehicle to get them back on the island. It seemed a bit too convenient. All prior castaways(Black Rock, French, Oceanic, Desmond, other??) actually had their entire craft and crew/passengers deposited on the island. Unless we later find that the rest of the passengers on this flight, and their plane, were ‘shipwrecked’ too …. I guess I’ll just have to further suspend disbelief and go with the ‘well I guess since they were already on the island, magically if they get near it again they’ll get sucked into the time skipping’ *shrug*

    I am particularly curious about the fella at the airport that offered Jack his condolences, then was spotlighted again on the plane. The show never does that accidentally, so I wonder what part he’ll play… which goes to my question/point above about the other passengers that Ben seems to offer complete disdain for. Perhaps they’ll indeed show up, after all as you recount, the pilot does say ‘we’re not going to Guam, are we?’

    I think this episode sets the stage for some interesting turns, as the whole ‘trek around the island while it flashes’ storyline was beginning to get tired. So I’m excited to see what comes next.

    I guess I’ll go check the blogs later for any other tidbits I may have missed. I already noticed the many requisite ‘numbers’ through the story.

    Oh, it was also interesting to see the inquisitiveness of the butcher about Jack’s bag. Perhaps it was nothing beyond a tactic to get US to notice his bag with the shoes too, but I dunno….

    Can’t wait for next week 🙂

    I’m also itching to find out who built the temple, and four toed statue. Some on the cast have hinted, ‘think Egyptian’, but we’ll just have to hold on and see!


  2. I thought this was a funny quote summing-up the episode:

    ‘As for this episode, it was pivotal that they got back to the island finally, but with the missing pieces, was definitely a bridge episode, you know, like an episode of 24 where Jack isn’t torturing or killing somebody. The ending was nice though: “Jin?” Really looking forward to next week’s episode.’




  3. Billy, I concur with most of your theories and will offer a few more. I believe they all were proxies except for Jack – who was pulled from the group to have a special meeting with the lady at the light house and has a significant responsibility to the island.

    ‘The middle eastern looking man at the airport that offered his condolences to Jack is a proxy for Sayeed. This was the same conversation between Sayeed and Jack before the initial flight.
    ‘Kate is actually a proxy for Clair. “Clair was pregnant on the initial flight”.
    ‘Ben is a proxy for Hurley – remember Hurley was late to the plane
    ‘Sayeed is proxy for Kate.
    “Locke is proxy for Ben’s Father
    ‘Hurley is a proxy for Charlie
    ‘Sun is a proxy for – not sure who yet, this is a tough one.

    I believe Desmond will return to the island to either search for Penny or Ben depending on what Ben did to Penny – we learned the island was not through with him. He’ll be back.

    Kate gave Aaron to Claire’s mom who just “happened” to be in LA at the time – no real reason to have seen her again except for this purpose.

    I have a hunch that Jack / Kate’s baby ends up being: Faraday.

    How did they all end up back together on the plane when most were completely against going? Answer: I believe Lock had something to do with this, based upon the “Suicide Letter” that the old lady gave Jack. The unwilling must have received letters from Lock that convinced them to get back to the island.

    My brain is a heaping pile of goo after this one.

  4. New to your blog, Billy, but I like your style!
    I loved the look back to the new tailies and Ben’s “Who cares?” I also loved that Hurley could have stood up in the water, but Jack definitely took his life in his hands with such a big dive into the pool, if that was the case.
    I think Jack could have been a proxy for Sawyer, the way he was tied to a letter, like Sawyer was, looking at the letter to his Dad.
    Sun could be proxy for Locke, paralyzed by her grief, looking for healing from the island.
    Thank you for your theory, Reeves, that Kate left Aaron with Claire’s “mum.” Because, I was really torn about that decision. I couldn’t imagine doing it, myself.
    Don’t forget that camp site the left behinders found during the flashes. There were blankets and Ajira Airways water bottles. Those things were not in evidence at the pool, so there is another group of survivors in some where and when. Funny to think about Dharma folks in the 70s finding bottled water.
    Thanks for the wrap up! It’s so good to read some other ponderings, because no one else I know in life is watching.

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