Lost 5.5: This Place is Death


I was never a big fan of Charlotte Lewis’ character in Lost. Her name and everything about her was a clever nod to Narnia author C.S. Lewis, but I was just never into the character like I am most of the Lost cast-aways, or even the new islanders Faraday and Miles.
But Charlotte was given a cool death in the fifth episode of the season, “This Place is Death,” the second “set-up” episode in a row, and one that managed to both confuse me further and answer some questions.
Charlotte, the first to be suffering the “time travel nose bleeds” that other Losters still stuck on the island are starting to feel, finally collapsed as the crew headed toward the Orchid station, where Locke knew he’d have to leave in order to stop the time warps.
Before her death, Charlotte began babbling incoherently, saying she couldn’t eat chocolate before supper and exclaiming love for the made-up rock group Geronimo Jackson. But in her moments of clarity, Charlotte informed Faraday that she remembers being on the island, the daughter of Dharma Initiative parents before her mother whisked her off the island for a “normal” life.
Charlotte’s life goal was to return to the island, a nod to the Narnia books, where the children longed to return to Narnia after the first book, “Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe.”
The “shocker” (which I kind of predicted last week) came when she said a man told her when she was a child to not come back to the island or she would die. That man — Faraday (whom last week, I predicted was actually Charlotte’s dad. I could still be right).
The other islanders, each starting to feel the effects of the time traveling, find the orchid station and Locke drops into the well to find the donkey wheel … which leads to a very cool scene between him and Christian Shepherd. Christian tells Locke it should have been him who turned the wheel the first time (and not Ben … which leads me back to thinking Ben is evil) and confirmed to Locke that he would have to die to make things right.
I love how Locke just accepted this … knowing the island’s power and knowing that he’s being asked to do something that’s “bigger” than he is. Locke’s spiritual journey has been one of my favorite storylines in the four-plus seasons of Lost … and I’m curious as hell to see how he ends up in the coffin (and whether he’s there for long).

Meanwhile, the Oceanic 6 gather (sans Hurley) with Ben to meet the old white-haried lady who helped Desmond with his time traveling in an earlier season. Kate’s distrust of Ben causes her to take Aaron away, and Sayid (sick of it all) tells Ben to stay far away. It leaves only Sun (who’s been convinced that Jin is alive), Jack and Ben … the three of them arrive the same time as Desmond to visit Eloise … and, well, that’s where it ends.

And I didn’t even mention Jin, who before re-teaming with Sawyer, Locke and the rest, finds out how Rousseau’s team was killed (smoky took their souls, and Rousseau finished them off) … which is exactly the story Rousseau told Sayid back in Season 1.

There were no huge revelations in this episode, and nothing mind-blowing. I do think Locke’s jostling of the wheel will stop the time warps (at what period of time does that leave Sawyer, Juliet and the rest?) … actually, I have no idea what it’s going to do.

This show continues to blow my mind. And I’m enjoying every bit of it.

* This is the first episode of the entire series in which Ben and Desmond speak to each other. They had previously only been in one scene together, at the cockpit wreckage in “The Beginning of the End.”
* Jin gives Locke his wedding ring as proof that he is dead, yet Ben gives Sun the wedding ring as proof that Jin is alive
* Locke, who was crippled until he arrived at the island, leaves the island partially returned to that condition in that he suffers a severe leg fracture.
* Robert tells Danielle the Monster is not a monster, but a security system. She later relays this same phrase to the party on the way to the Black Rock.
* The flash of light prevents Christian telling Locke the name of his son, mirroring Daniel’s conversation with Desmond about seeking out his mother.


One thought on “Lost 5.5: This Place is Death

  1. I was honestly disappointed in Charlotte’s death. I thought that her and Faraday would have made an interesting couple, but your theory about Faraday being Charlotte’s dad brings up an interesting point. Remember would Faraday said he loved Charlotte? Maybe it’s because Faraday is her dad…

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