Lost: 5.4


I’m going to start my look at Lost’s fourth episode, “The Little Prince,” by looking ahead to next week’s episode, entitled “This Place is Death.” In the tease commercial for next week, Ben tells Sun, “I can prove to you that Jin is alive.”
How is he going to do this?
My theory: In “The Little Prince,” we discover toward the end of the episode that Jin survived the blowing up of the freighter (big surprise, right?). Because of his proximity to the island, he was also time travelling, despite being passed out on a floating piece of wood after the explosion. So when he awoke, he was — like the other Lost folks stuck on the island — actually in 1988 … the same year and day the French team, a pregnant Danielle Rousseau and her science expedition, landed on the island. (Jin is again with a group of people who’s language he cannot speak).
If you’ll recall, one of the first things we learned about the island in Season 1 was a transmission from a radio tower in French that called for help and noted the amount of time they’d been on the island. (By the way, Danielle did NOT age well in her 16 years on the island). This is our first look at the French team, all of whom died (and we suspect the Others also stole Danielle’s baby at this time).
So … this all leads me to my theory — which I’ve been doing a lot of lately.
In next week’s episode, Ben tells Sun he has proof Jin survived. Could this be through some kind of journal Danielle and the team left behind back in 1988 … saying they found a Korean man? In a future episode, does Jin meet a young Ben Linus when they attack the French team?
It would be interesting to go back and see Ben’s reactions to meeting Jin in past episodes. I’m sure the writers hadn’t thought of this when writing those past episodes, but maybe they had. Who the hell knows anymore?
As for this week’s episode, it was a slower moving one than the previous three, but intriguing all the same. Jennifer, my wife, guessed that the lawyer was Ben’s lawyer all along … pulling Kate’s strings to convince her to go back to the island with Aaron. This was finally revealed when Ben met with the lawyer to discuss getting Hurley out of jail for a crime he didn’t commit (even though Hurley wants to be in jail just to stay away from Ben).
In “real time” (2008), we also learn that Sun is plotting to kill either Ben or the other survivors as retribution for Jin’s death (or perhaps Widmore got to her). This leads to Ben’s declaration next week that Jin survived.

Back on the Island
I’m really into the time traveling in this season … and it’s being written extremely well. Sawyer sees Kate assist Claire in giving birth to Aaron in one time travel sequence, they’re attacked by a mysterious group that left behind a water ball from an Indian airline in another and we’re noticing now that more of the “travelers” are getting nose bleeds. Daniel Faraday is attributing the nose bleeds to the brain not being able to handle the time warps (go back and watch my favorite episode from Season 4, “The Constant”) and he says the longer people have been on the island, the more susceptible they to the nose bleeds. Miles and Charlotte don’t seem to recall being on the island long, but more than one reference has been made in past episodes that the two were on the island at some other time in their life. Juliet got her first nose bleed toward the end of the episode, which makes sense since she’s been on the island longer than Sawyer and Locke.
Faraday is immune to the nosebleeds because he’s found his “constant” in Desmond.
If you’re confused by that, you didn’t watch that episode, and I can’t even begin to explain it.

What’s next?
The islanders are on their way to the Orchid station, where Ben turned the wheel that booted him from the island and started the time warps to begin with. Lock feels like if he can get to the wheel and turn it, he can bring the Oceanic 6 back.
It is not yet known why bringing Jack, Kate, Sayid, Aaron, Sun and Hurley back will make things “right,” but apparently, it will. I suspect Locke goes back to turn the wheel and becomes “Jeremy Bentham” to track down the survivors before 2008 … leading them to where they are now. He will die, of course, in doing so … but I think he believes their coming back will change the past … and therefore, change his dying.

I think my head just exploded.

Episode 5.4 trivia (from Lostpedia.com)
* The name on the side of Ben’s van, “Canton Rainier” is an anagram of “reincarnation.”
* Ajira Airways (the water bottle) is mentioned for the first time with a seemingly large part in the plot after being a viral website for some time.
* “The Little Prince” — Le Petit Prince: The episode’s title refers to the novel of the same name by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, a French writer and aviator. Though outwardly a children’s book, it has varied themes on life, perception and human nature. Exupery was French, like Rousseau’s science expedition, and met with disaster while traveling and disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Additionally, “Besixdouze” (“B612”), the apparent name of the expedition’s lost boat (as per the wreckage on the beach), is a reference to the asteroid on which The Little Prince lives in the book.


3 thoughts on “Lost: 5.4

  1. Indeed a very interesting “stage setting” episode. I’m curious about the Indian airline connection.

    Also some info on Jeremy Bentham:


    I didn’t notice any obvious parallels, but he is an interesting individual, and the history of his panopticon design seems to have shades in various Dharma logos and sites. So who knows.

    So I also wonder about Danielle’s daughter. Was she Ben’s natural or adopted(abducted) daughter? If natural, there must be some other precursory meeting between Ben and Danielle as she is obviously very pregnant upon landing on the island.

    ….should be interesting.


  2. I think it was made clear a few seasons back that Ben’s daughter was in no way related to him. I believe the baby was abducted … OR … the Others end up kidnapping Danielle to learn more about why women can’t give birth on the island.

  3. Ben did say when he was holed up in the barracks to the mercenaries that Alex wasn’t even his daughter, that he/they took her as a baby… which so far is what it seems, and seems to be the more likely answer.

    But who knows, always lots of twists…. and apparently time travel 🙂


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