Lost: 5.1, 5.2


Let’s do the time warp again, shall we?
My favorite episodes of Lost in the past have dealt with time travel. “The Constant” and “Flashes before your eyes” both dealt with Desmond, the time-traveling guest to the island, and it turns out, both set up what looks to be the theme for Season 5 of Lost.

I’m sure newcomers to the show were thoroughly confused with “Because you left” and “The Lie,” the back-to-back season openers that show us what immediately happened to the islanders once Ben turned the giant wheel that “moved” the island. It seems Locke, Sawyer, Juliet, Faraday, Gilligan and the Skipper are now bouncing through time like a skipping record (which was cleverly used to open the episode, skipping through Willie Nelson’s “Shotgun Willie”).

But I’m guessing Lost isn’t for the “newcomers” anymore. Lost isn’t trying to gain new viewers … the final two seasons are all for the many of us who’ve been around the first four years. Lost is going deep into sci-fi territory now, and for nerds like me, this is a good thing.

Gone are the flashbacks, and flash forwards, at least for now. Like our characters bouncing around in time on the island, Lost is jumping three years ahead, three years back, 20 years back, into the future, etc. to tell this year’s story. It’s already answering major questions — why Richard never ages, why he asked Locke to pick the compass, who the white-haired lady was in Desmond’s time travel — and bringing up more mysteries at the same time. So much went on in these two hours that it’s going to take me another look-see online to gather it all in.

Long story short, I love the direction the show is going. I love the storyline of Jack and Ben trying to get the Oceanic 6 (and Locke’s body) together for a return trip to the island. I love the Faraday-Desmond angle (though I’m wondering why Ben isn’t going after Penny just yet … does he want revenge for his daughter’s death or does he want to get back to the island in 70 hours? Which is more important?), and I love that Faraday showed up in the 70s.

Future reviews will be more detailed, and I may even start adding my predictions and thoughts each week. I came into this season spoiler-free, and it helped me appreciate the show more. Hopefully, I can stay that way all season long.

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3 thoughts on “Lost: 5.1, 5.2

  1. Have you heard the theory that all the time-jumping is slowly erasing Charlotte from ever having existed, which is why her symptoms are slightly different than the regular time-sickness stuff (not remembering her mom’s maiden name, etc.)?

    Oh yes, Lost is back.

  2. I thought the new episode was great, but as all installments seemed over waaaay to fast… even though with the catch-up episode clocked in at over 2hrs without commercials.

    The only real disappointment I still harbor are the myriad stop, starts, and delays… and what seemed like a half season of re-runs a couple years back. I’m sure that lost quite a few fans, and made it harder to remain excited about the story. Plus all those gaps seem like a lost opportunity for even more story/detail.

    But I’m very glad the show is back, and am back in my anxious mode of waiting a week for each new installment. Maybe I should have treated it like Battlestar Gallactica and waited for the whole series to wrap-up(this season) and just buy the DVD boxed set *laugh*


  3. At this point, I am only watching Lost because I have put this much effort and time into it already that I have to know how it all ends!

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