My review of ’24’


OK, so I’m a few days late with this and everybody else is posting American Idol reviews right now … but oh well.

To begin, I’m a big fan of 24, though I’m one of the many who zoned out of the past few seasons. I wasn’t even all that dedicated to the last season, but there was an excitement leading up to this one that made me intrigued to give it my attention.
Fox aired the first four hours of the 24-hour whirlwind Sunday and Monday, and in that four-hour span, we have seen …
• Jack stand trial for torture before the U.S. Senate
• Jack get excused from the trial to help the FBI search for Tony Almeida (who we all thought was dead from a few seasons back but knew he couldn’t be because his death scene stunk)
• Jack and his hot FBI friend track down the man suspected of providing Almeida with a device that can hack into the nation’s transportation network and literally cause planes to crash into each other
• that man get shot and killed by a sniper
• Jack catch Almeida (all within two hours still)
• Jack “torture” Almeida to get information
• Jack learn that Almeida is working for what’s left of CTU because they believe there’s a mole in the president’s cabinet (isn’t there always?)
• Jack break Almeida out of the FBI headquarters
• Jack convince a British terrorist he wants to be a bad guy (so he can get near the device)
• Jack help kidnap the ambassador of the country behind all of this.

All that … within four hours.
And it was a gripping four hours. Jack was given great lines (my favorite all-time Bauer scene is when he shoots a man’s wife in the knee cap to get HIM to talk), and he re-united with Chloe, who is almost out-Chloe’d by the DC version of Chloe, the FBI’s nerd played surprisingly well by Jaenene Garofalo. But what I’m liking most is the chemistry between Bauer and Almeida … I know 24 isn’t a two-man show, but I just don’t want to see
A) Tony killed or
B) Tony turn out to really be a bad guy who was undercover against CTU while pretending to be undercover FOR CTU.

Confusing, I know. Still, great show. And a great way to start the week as I wait for Lost (which starts next week).

Welcome back, TV.


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