Sunday column: Goodbye to an old friend

It’s early Sunday, and I’m still hung over from a pretty disappointing Cowboys-Ravens game. It’s not the way I wanted to see Texas Stadium go out.

But here’s my column that appears in today’s Herald (written before the game) … and a great Texas Stadium tribute I found on YouTube.

Oddly enough — and if you’ve ever been to Texas Stadium, you can attest — the stadium in person isn’t quite as spectacular as it looks on the screen. Those stars on the wall are different sizes, almost plastic, and most of them are crooked. The outside of the stadium has long been an eyesore … sticking out like a sore thumb in an otherwise flat and empty part of the DFW Metroplex. The seats are crowded, and until the Cowboys got new turf a few years back, the field always had different color patches on it that just made it look like an old quilt.
But I suppose it isn’t the stadium that makes the memories … it’s the players and the games they played.


Incredible NFL Films clip on Texas Stadium


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