Changes in The Herald

I haven’t even been here two years, and it seems The Herald has undergone “changes” dozens of times. Well, that’s how it seems to me, anyway. Truth is, we’ve had a few redesigns and format changes, and beginning with Tuesday’s Herald. We’ll have another format change.

One of the big changes we made in our redesign in August, 2007 was making the Carolina section an everyday section. Back then, we had a full time Lifestyles editor, in addition to three reporters and a news editor. The minor cuts our paper went through earlier this year included taking away that news editor position (we basically combined the lifestyles/news editor positions into one).
We’ve tried like hell to continue to publish a daily lifestyles section, but honestly, it’s been tougher with the reduced staff. In addition to the number of pages, we’ve had a tougher time producing local content for it (I think we’ve done an admirable job).

So beginning today, the Carolina section goes back to just being a Wednesday and Sunday section. This will mean regular features in Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays’ Carolinas will find a new home on Wednesdays and Sundays. (I”ll explain Fridays later).

Tuesday: Our regular Tuesday features included Rose Pate’s book reviews and a weekly features write up on local arts. Those features will find a home in the news section now, and the book reviews will appear Wednesdays.

Wednesdays: We’ll remain to publish recipes and the regular food column, Anyone Hungry? by Lindsay Tipton.

Thursdays: Our Faith & Values feature will appear in the news section, while our “Paper Pulpit” column will appear Sundays. Club news, we’re hoping, will appear in Thursday’s B section, after sports, comics and features.

Fridays: Our weekly movie review will appear on the back of the news section on Fridays. Our Friday weekend calendar will also remain on Fridays, as will Church notes.

Saturday: Amy Kline’s Saturday columns will appear every other Sunday. Kiddie Korner will also appear on Sundays.

Sundays: More features in Sunday’s Carolina section.

What this means for Sports:
Sports will now always be Page 1B and will always be five pages long. I understand some people didn’t like it appearing in the back of the news section … and their voices were loud and clear. That definitely went into this decision.

I’m interested in everybody’s feedback. Feel free to e-mail me at


2 thoughts on “Changes in The Herald

  1. Good luck, and best wishes with the challenges the Herald and its parent company face.

    As I’ve mentioned many times, I think we are VERY FORTUNATE to have a local paper. My parents were in town a couple weeks ago, and they were surprised and impressed that a city the size of Sanford still had a print newspaper of its own. I am too, and am proud that we do. Again, we are very lucky to have that view into local news. If we were to lose this paper, love it or hate it(I am on the love side normally 🙂 ) I think we’d all lose.

    So although I hate to see content sacrificed, the realities of business and this economy demand your adjusting to them. It’s too bad, but understandable.

    Bottom line, whatever it takes to keep the Herald alive is good news, even if some corners must be cut. Hopefully business will improve in the coming year or two and the Herald can expand again.

    Good luck. I know it is disappointing to seem to ‘lose some ground’, but we all really appreciate that we have this paper.


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