Watch your cartoons, Goober

I came across two fantastic videos today … the first is a two-minute clip of the season premiere of Lost, which enters Season 5 of 6 at the end of January. The clip shows Kate learning that “somebody” is on to her about her relationship with Aaron, Claire’s baby who came home with Kate when the Oceanic 6 returned.

And the second clip is from, a site dedicated to creating Oscar buzz for The Dark Knight, which comes out on DVD Tuesday (I’ll be buying it early, thank you). Do I think this is a “Best Picture” candidate? Absolutely. I also think it deserves a nod for best supporting actor (Heath Ledger) and score (a haunting score that made the film even darker).


3 thoughts on “Watch your cartoons, Goober

  1. Yeah Nerd out – 🙂

    I have to say that Dark Knight should get best picture – what else could compete with it? And isn’t it wierd that Heath Ledger is only eligible for best supporting actor? I mean really when you think of that movie is it Batman that comes to mind first or the Joker…? Hmmmm

    Can’t wait to watch it at home when it comes out. Sure it won’t be the same as the theater or the lucky few who saw it on an IMAX screen..

  2. Being a big Lost fan, I can’t wait for the new season…

    But I can’t help but think that with the strike and their choices of funky schedules over the last couple years, Lost has sacrificed much of their initial buzz and momentum.

    I know a lot of friends that just gave up trying to figure out when new episodes would finally show up. Plus that whole second or third season where they just seemed to tread water…. that hurt too. That’s too bad.

    I’m still looking forward to it though. I hope that as we approach the end they have a tight and intelligent conclusion, and it isn’t wrapped up in a neat but intellectually insulting bow in a couple episodes as often happens.

    We’ll see 🙂


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