NFL Picks: Week 13

Well, three games are already in the bag, and Jennifer and I both went 2-1 (that loss thanks to the Eagles’ sudden resurgence). Despite my efforts to be better, we’re still neck and neck heading into the final weeks:

Billy: 104-60-1
Jennifer: 104-60-1
Billy (vs. the line): 84-81

49ers at bills
LINE: Bills by 6
BILLY: That whole “the west coast stinks on early east coast games” will apply here. Bills 25, 49ers 13

ravens at bengals
LINE: Ravens by 6
BILLY: Cincy’s playing for a No. 1 draft pick. Ravens 24, Bengals 13

colts at browns
LINE: Colts by 7.5
BILLY: Derek Anderson’s playing for a job somewhere else. Bad weather will even this game out. Upset of the week … Browns 24, Colts 21

panthers at packers
LINE: even
BILLY: Carolina’s been awful on the road. 32 degrees in Green Bay. Packers 21, Panthers 20
JENNIFER: Go Pack, Go Pack, Go Pack, PACKERS!

dolphins at rams
LINE: Dolphins by 9.5
BILLY: I have no idea. Dolphins 28, Rams 20
JENNIFER: Dolphins

saints at bucs
LINE: Bucs by 1
BILLY: Saints get Bush back and Tampa’s offense can’t keep up. Saints 30, Bucs 17

giants at redskins
LINE: Giants by 5
BILLY: Can’t believe I’m pulling for New York .. but Giants 31, Redskins 24
JENNIFER: Gigantes

falcons at chargers
LINE: Falcons by 1
BILLY: Everybody’s saying Atlanta wins this one easily. Not so fast. Chargers 31, Falcons 27

steelers at patriots
LINE: even
BILLY: Steelers need to make a statement here. Steelers 24, Patriots 23
JENNIFER: Steelers

broncos at Jets
LINE: Jets by 8
BILLY: Denver should be ashamed of itself, getting clobbered by Oakland last week. Jets 42, Broncos 31
JENNIFER: Go Jets, Go Jets, Go Jets, JETS!

chiefs at raiders
LINE: Raiders by 5
BILLY: This might be the first time I’ve picked Oakland all year. Raiders 27, Chiefs 20

bears at vikings
LINE: Vikings by 1.5
BILLY: Playoffs on the line here. Vikings 24, Bears 21

jaguars at texans
LINE: Texans by 2.5
BILLY: This is the Monday nighter? Texans 27, Jags 21


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