Coming from N.Y.

Somebody posted this in my comments … I thought by putting it here, he’d have a better chance of getting responses.



Hi-I’m not sure if this is the proper forum for the question or not but I’m considering re-locating from upstate N.Y. to the Sanford area and was trying to get some input as to the quality of life there. We are planning the move, if we make it, in a year and a half when our youngest child would be going into ninth grade. We have looked at some homes over the internet in Carolina Trace. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Hi Mark!

    This is Jennifer and I work at the Chamber of Commerce in Sanford. I’d be happy to send you a relocation packet and answer any questions you might have. Send your mailing address to me at and I’ll get something to you ASAP!!

    I’m sure everyone will tell you that quality of life in Lee County is outstanding! I know my husband and I are very happy we moved here 2 years ago!


    Hi, Marc –

    I saw your comment on Billy Liggett’s (editor of the Sanford Herald) blog today and thought I would respond to you.

    Where about in Upstate NY are you located now? I moved down here in 1985 from Albion, NY – just north of Batavia off Lake Ontario (about 1/2 way between Buffalo and Rochester). I have really enjoyed living here and have made it my home – not just a place to live and work.

    Sanford is considered a small-medium sized city, but really has that “SMALL TOWN” feel to it. It has come a long way in the 23 years I’ve been here and I see a lot of exciting things on the horizon that indicate a lot of potential for us! It is a quiet town, but we have some very nice parks, including Depot Park – the central focus of our lovely downtown area. If you like live stage theater, we have a wonderful historic theater (The Temple Theater) that runs productions through most of the year – it is something you should definitely give a try! We have a large multiplex theater for movies, as well. The city is also working on expanding our green ways with walking trails that connect several of our historic areas and landmarks. There are many nice developed neighborhoods to choose from with a wide range of prices, as well as a wonderful historic district with some fabulous older homes! The shopping is quaint and most of the small businesses have a long standing history in the community.

    There are several big name industries in Sanford – some large operations, some smaller facilities, but big names, just the same – Wyeth Biotech, Coty, Caterpillar, Static Control, Moen, Tyson, 3M, Magnetti Marelli, Hanes Brand, and others.

    As for location, it is perfect – our new logo says it all – Well Centered! We’re close to several large metropolitan areas, if that is your preference – Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill are close and Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and Charleston aren’t to far! We’re in the center of the state, so it is just as easy to make a day or weekend trip to the mountains or the beaches. We’re about and hour and a half from a very large, wonderful zoo and not too far from several theme parks.

    We have a large blogging community, too, where you can find out what our residents have to say — you already visited Billy’s and you may have tried some of the links on his blog roll. You can visit mine – I tend to write a lot about Sanford and have a category listed for Sanford that you can click on to find some of the older ones – my URL is My blog roll lists many others in Sanford that may be of interest to you, as well. We just had our Christmas parade this afternoon and I (as well as others, I’m sure) will be writing about it later this evening.

    Since I am sure I missed a ton of things that you may want to know about, here are some other links for you.
    – the Chamber of Commerce web site is:
    – the Sanford City web site is:
    – the Lee County web site is:
    – the Lee County Schools web site is:
    There several other local businesses web site links on my blog, as well.

    Good luck in your research and your decision – if you choose to relocate to Sanford, I seriously doubt you will regret it – I haven’t.

    Kind Regards,
    Kim Pritt

  3. Kim pretty much covered the bases, but I’d also suggest that Marc check out the “City Data Forum”:

    This is a great relocation forum where residents and people on the move discuss regions and cities across the nation. There is a wealth of information on our region, and I along with a few others post and reply regularly promoting Sanford and our area.

    Check it out, as it offers some great information about the area that can prove very helpful for those looking to relocate.

    Thanks for considering Sanford, and I hope you find it an attractive destination for your family’s future home.

    Good luck!

  4. Ah, I will add on other comment.

    This benefit is not specific to Sanford per se, although is a specific NC benefit: Historic Tax Credits.

    You had mentioned that you are looking at Carolina Trace, however if you also have an interest in older homes, Sanford has three residential National Register Historic Districts, all of which are eligible for Historic Preservation Tax Credits.

    The tax credit program is one of the most valuable programs offered for a homeowner, and allows the homeowner to obtain a 30% tax credit(not deduction, but dollar for dollar CREDIT) against their NC state income tax. For any project over $25,000 the homeowner can claim 30% of that investment against their state taxes. What other program allows the state to subsidize 30% of a home improvement project?! It really is a great program to help owners of older homes maintain them.

    So if you also are potentially interested in an older home, please feel free to check out our historic neighborhoods. More information can be found here:

    Also, more information on the tax credit program can be found here:

    Again, good luck!

  5. Hi again-I just wanted to thank everyone for their responses and assistance-the information is extremely helpful and greatly appreciated. Please don’t hesitate to e-mail me directly (as some folks have) with anything you feel would be helpful.
    Take care

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