NFL Picks: Week 12

So far this season …

Billy: 92-53-1
Jennifer: 93-52-1
Billy (vs. the line): 73-73

bengals at steelers
Line: Steelers by 13
Billy: Cincy seems to have played the better teams better … particularly in the NFC East. Well, Pittsburgh ain’t in the East, and they need this win. Steelers 31, Bengals 20.
Jennifer: ummmm, Steelers

49ers at cowboys
Line: Cowboys by 9.5
Billy: I smell a potential trap game here. And while I’m not completely sold Dallas will roll … I have to be confident. Dallas 31, 49ers 17
Jennifer: (Jennifer’s got Christmas parade today … so her picks will be short). Cowboys

eagles at ravens
Line: Ravens by 2.5
Billy: The good news is, Philly will know the rules if they go to OT again. The bad news is … Philly’s falling. Ravens 27, Eagles 20
Jennifer: Eagles

Jets at titans
Line: Titans by 5.5
Billy: This is the week they fall. It was a good run, and they’ll still have a good year. But that’s it. 10-1. Jets 24, Titans 20
Jennifer: Go Jets, go jets go jets, JETS

bills at chiefs
Line: Bills by 3
Billy: Kansas City plays tough at home, and Buffalo’s looking worse and worse. Chiefs 17, Bills 14
Jennifer: Ewww, Chiefs

vikings at jaguars
Line: Jags by 2.5
Billy: These two teams befuddle me. It’s also one of those rare games where the two teams don’t look like they belong on the same field playing each other. Vikings 20, Jags 14
Jennifer: Jags

patriots at dolphins
Line: Pats by 2.5
Billy: Call my silly, but I think Miami sweeps this series this year. Dolphins 27, Pats 21
Jennifer: Patriots

bears at rams
Line: Bears by 7
Billy: Upset of the week, Rams 33, Bears 27
Jennifer: Bears

texans at browns
Line: Browns by 3
Billy: Cleveland’s coming around. They’ll finish strong this year. Browns 30, Texans 24
Jennifer: Ewww, Browns

bucs at lions
Line: Bucs by 8
Billy: Ain’t happening. Bucs 26, Lions 14
Jennifer: Bucs

raiders at broncos
Line: Broncos by 8
Billy: Broncos 31, Raiders 13
Jennifer: Broncos

redskins at seahawks
Line: Redskins by 3
Billy: Washington gets back on track. Redskins 21, Seahawks 17
Jennifer: Redskins

giants at cardinals
Line: Giants by 3
Billy: Would be HUGE for Arizona if the Cardinals won this. HUGE. Cardinals 28, Giants 24
Jennifer: Gigantes

panthers at falcons
Line: Falcons by 1
Billy: I guess I hate to say it … Atlanta’s for real. Falcons 24, Panthers 17
Jennifer: Panthers

colts at chargers
Line: Chargers by 2.5
Billy: Very surprised San Diego’s favored in this one. Colts 30, Chargers 24
Jennifer: Colts

packers at saints
Line: Saints by 1
Billy: Tough one … Saints 34, Packers 31
Jennifer: Go Pack, Go Pack, Go Pack, PACKERS!


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