Sanford saw snow today …

It wasn’t enough to get a photo, and it only lasted about an hour …
But we saw snow!
We only had one real snow my first year in Sanford … and I recall it was in January or early February. They’re predicting a cold winter along the East Coast this year, so I’m hopeful that will mean one or two “big” snows … or “big” for Sanford.
It’s particularly exciting for me and my wife, having lived in Houston and Lafayette, La. for the five years prior to coming here. I’m from Dallas, Tx., where we get one or two good snowfalls a year … so that’s what I’m expecting and hoping for here. I got a new coat and I’m stocked up on sweaters.
So bring it on.


Thanks to everybody for the bathroom remodeling advice from my previous post. I’ll take a cell phone photo of the “progress” tonight and then a final photo when it’s all said and done.


One thought on “Sanford saw snow today …

  1. Look at that, you come all the way to NC hoping for some snow, and it snows in Houston and New Orleans 🙂


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