NFL Picks: Week 11

Jets at patriots
LINE: Patriots by 3
BILLY: It’s been an up-and-down season for Brett Favre, but the Jets’ season can really take off with a win against the Patriots. New England, meanwhile, has continued to play well as Matt Cassell has gotten better. I expect a high-scoring, close game. I also expect rain, because I’m a weather man. Jets 31, Patriots 30
JENNIFER: Go Favre and Jets! Beat those Pats! Go Jets! Go Jets! Go Jets! JETS!

lions at panthers
LINE: Panthers by 14
BILLY: I don’t think Detroit goes 0-16 this year, but then again, Daunte Culpepper is their QB. Regardless, Carolina wins easy this week. Panthers 31, Lions 14
JENNIFER: OK, so the chances of the Lions winning last week were slim, but I’m all about hot sports predictions. Just not with this matchup. PANTHERS.

broncos at falcons
LINE: Falcons by 6.5
BILLY: You know, I’m just not that convinced that Atlanta is for real this year. Broncos 27, Falcons 21

texans at colts
LINE: Colts by 8
BILLY: Indy’s a much better team than the one that slipped by Houston earlier this year. Colts 41, Texans 27
JENNIFER: There is no way the Colts/Steelers game ended like it did last week. That was awesome. The Colts should get by the Texans easily. COLTS.

raiders at dolphins
LINE: Dolphins by 10
BILLY: The Raiders’ defense isn’t God awful. Unfortunately, their offense is. Dolphins 24, Raiders 9

vikings at bucs
LINE: Bucs by 4
BILLY: Low scoring you can count on. I’m just not sure who’s gonna win. Vikings 17, Bucs 13
JENNIFER: Blah. Blah. Blah. Bor-ing. VIKES.

saints at chiefs
LINE: Saints by 5
BILLY: Tyler Thigpen is the second best QB from a Carolina school (Coast Carolina) in the NFL right now. No. 1, of course if Phillip Rivers. Fortunately for Kansas City, Thigpen isn’t that much worse. Still, Saints 30, Chiefs 21
JENNIFER: The Saints need to win this week more than the Chiefs do. SAINTS.

bears at packers
LINE: Packers by 3.5
BILLY: Green Bay’s season is slowly slipping away. Chicago’s meanwhile, is slowly getting better. Bears 26, Packers 24
JENNIFER: Packers! You’re breaking my heart! Please don’t do it again this week. Go Pack! Go Pack! Go Pack! PACKERS!

eagles at bengals
LINE: Eagles by 9
BILLY: Cincy’s played the NFC East tough this year … barely losing to Dallas and New York. They’ve got Philly at home … still, Eagles 28, Bengals 23
JENNIFER: Eagles need to bounce back after losing a division game last week. EAGLES.

ravens at giants
LINE: Giants by 7
BILLY: New York’s just playing too well. May as well give them the East. Giants 21, Ravens 13

rams at 49ers
LINE: 49ers by 6.5
BILLY: If San Fransisco can learn how to end a game (see the final handoff from Monday night’s loss), then maybe they’ll win a few. Rams 31, 49ers 27
JENNIFER: Seriously? This week is looking pretty sad for foosball (yes, foosball). The Rams had their badonkadonks handed to them by the Jets (woo hoo) last week. And by every other team they’ve played this year save Dallas and Washington. The Niners showed a glimpse of promise at the start of the season, but look like the same olds again. Really, I’m just typing until I decide which of these two awful teams I’m giving the W to. Still don’t know. Just can’t decide. Flip a coin. RAMS.

cardinals at seahawks
LINE: Cardinals by 3
BILLY: Arizona should really be favored by more than this. Cardinals 33, Seahawks 17
JENNIFER: So, if I played professional ball, I would not want to be a bird. These guys must get made fun of so much by teams that are Lions or Tigers or Bears. Oh, my. CARDINALS.

chargers at steelers
LINE: Steelers by 5
BILLY: Good bye, Norv. Steelers 30, Chargers 14
JENNIFER: Stupid Chargers. STEELERS.

titans at jaguars
LINE: Titans by 3
BILLY: I’m not ready to say Tennessee finally loses one … but this is certainly losable. Titans 21, Jags 20
JENNIFER: Could be their first loss, but not on my watch. TITANS.

cowboys at redskins
LINE: Cowboys by 1.5
BILLY: Dallas gets Romo, Felix, Kosier, Newman and a few others back. Washington loses Portis. This HAS to be Dallas’ big return, right? RIGHT? Cowboys 28, Redskins 17
JENNIFER: Dang. Both teams are beat up. I really want to say Dallas loses again, but I think Romo and Co. are tired of hearing about how crappy they are this season. Plus, I just can’t spend another Sunday watching Billy mope around the house. COWBOYS.

browns at bills
LINE: Bills by 5
BILLY: This one will be fun to watch … I just hope it snows. Bills 20, Browns 17
JENNIFER: Seriously. What’s the deal with MNF? The matchups have been awful. Yeah, see. I’ll take the BILLS, see.


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