Too early

Downtown Sanford on Nov. 3. Photo taken with iPhone


13 thoughts on “Too early

  1. I agree – too early. We just got the halloween down this weekend.
    Can they not wait until at least after November 15 or preferably after Thanksgiving?
    Why the rush?

  2. The logistics may require otherwise, true… but I agree Christmas decorations should go up sometime later in November. The day after Thanksgiving comes to mind ideally 🙂

    The earlier and earlier decorations go up, the less impact… the less they are noticed anymore…. by the time Christmas actually arrives. And that’s a shame.


  3. Well it is weird that the parade is before Thanksgiving anyway but am aware that there were many reasons for that.
    Maybe next year the parade can be after Thanksgiving and the signs can go up at an appropriate time.
    And it shouldn’t take that long of a time to hang the decorations…
    There are tons of street crews – seems it could be done in about 3 days.

  4. Well next year maybe everyone can get on the same page..
    Put the parade on after Thanksgiving.
    Put the decorations up after Thanksgiving.
    Put on the downtown Merchants open house on after Thanksgiving.

    Seems better that way. Just very weird to have all the holiday decs out this early. I say nothing should happen until December 1st at the earliest. It is weird to have a downtown Merchants Christmas open house November 8 & 9. I have never seen them that early.

  5. Everything seems to be starting early now. Perhaps we could make some Lee County proclamations.

    We hearby decree:
    – winter clothes will remain on the racks until the first day of spring (hate going into the stores in late February and not being able to find jackets… only bathing suits)
    – summer clothes will remain on the racks until the first day of fall
    – the baseball season will have an end and start date and will not run year round
    – soccer will have a start and end date as well
    – Christmas Parade will not happen prior to Thanksgiving
    – Holiday decorations will not go up prior to Thanksgiving (those seen in the act of putting up decorations prior to Thansgiving will be publicly flogged at the Depot)

    And I know everyone shares my pain on this one…

    – Political campaigns and ads will not start until six months before the actual election

  6. Actually, Downtown Merchants Open House is a week later this year than last year (and I don’t have my date book from 2006, but I’m pretty sure it was also a week earlier then too). I cannot speak for all merchants, but I know that my open house needs to be prior to Thanksgiving to cover the “holiday season” – Thanksgiving included!

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