Miles turns 1

Last January, my wife and I adopted a little furball from CARA named Zeb. Three seconds after we met him, he became Miles … and needless to say, it’s been a wild 10-11 months since we got him.
Jennifer has chronicled our year with Miles … the many ups and downs … at her own site, Life With Miles, and I’m more than positive she’ll have something about Miles’ birthday (Nov. 1) on that site.
All I wanted to do was share a photo gallery of the past year, month-by-month. You can see how Miles has grown from a little whiny furball to a big whiny shedding furball.

One more photo, and you can have your own Miles calendar.


2 thoughts on “Miles turns 1

  1. hi,
    we’re looking to adopt a labranese but unable to find good online resources. any insight?
    katarina biller
    philadelphia, pa

  2. Katarina–
    Miles (we found out later) also has Border Collie in him. A lot. No, really…he’s mostly crazy, I mean Border.

    We happened on this “breed” quite by accident through the shelter here…had not heard of it before.

    We can tell you lots about a labranese with border, but I don’t think it would help you much!

    Jennifer (Miles’ Momma)

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