Podcast: The Rant, Oct. 29


This week, our guest was local zombie film producer Christine Parker, the “Lady Cadaver” of our area according to one publication. It was a joy talking about what food makes the best on-film brains, whether her zombies have a soul and what some of her favorite horror films are.
We also talked extensively about the election, and we all listened intently as Jonathan Owens tried to climb out of the hole he dug about racism and this election.
Other fun stuff:
• Billy’s near give-up early in the show
• More Herb Hincks sign talk … hot opinions there
• Another call from Fat Charlie
• Tickets given away for a 3 Doors Down concert.



4 thoughts on “Podcast: The Rant, Oct. 29

  1. Yes, everybody come to the feature and show your support for local Sanford film-making!

    Myself, Zayna, and Kurtis are all in the main feature, and Zayna(and Denise’s old office) play a bit part in the short feature accompanying FFoB.

    It’ll be very exciting to see everyone on the big screen! 🙂


  2. Just because someone doesn’t step up to something does not mean that there isn’t a story. In fact, in some cases, that is the entire story. Have you ever heard the story about the lady who was being robbed and beat in NY and although many people heard and saw it, they did nothing? Does that mean that since no one would do something about it then it was not worth noting? Of course not. A crime was committed. I don’t care what side it was on. It was committed. And someone, journalist, “journalist”, or not needed to step up. The “journalist” stepped up and did what was right. It is now up to authorities to determine what, if anything, should be done about it.

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