Opie is bald?

There are a lot of political commercials and videos out there … and no matter who you’re voting for, you have to agree.
This is the best one. Hands down.


3 thoughts on “Opie is bald?

  1. The marketing machine behind Obama is sheer genius, sure, but some of these side efforts are absolutely amazing, as well. I watched this Ron Howard bit via Drudge Report last night and thought it was pretty darn well done. Of course, everything in it seems pretty subjective like most of the stuff behind the Obama sensation, but it will surely drive more people to him.

  2. Maybe in the two elite parties… McCain’s group is certainly no bastion of objectivity, certainly. Listening to Bob Barr (my humble third party pick) gives me a sense that you can have cold, hard facts and say something at the same time. Of course, I imagine if he had millions and millions to spend on commercials and other advertisements there could be a level of emotion intertwined with his message, as well.

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