Associated Press bias in the election

As a smaller newspaper, The Herald relies heavily on The Associated Press for its coverage of the presidential race. It’s been an increasingly frustrating month, however, to get what I feel is “equal” coverage.
I’m not saying I support McCain or Obama, and my vote on Nov. 4 has nothing to do with my perception of AP’s bias.

These are the stories we had to choose from yesterday. Read very closely the leads, how they’re written and how words can strongly show one’s leaning. I will bold the “leaning” words.


STORY HEADLINE: Obama brushes aside GOP criticism of his tax plans
STORY LEAD: RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Democrat Barack Obama on Wednesday brushed aside Republican charges that his tax plan amounts to socialism, but acknowledged it involves “spreading around opportunity” so that wealthier Americans — like himself — pay a little more to help lower-rung workers.


STORY HEADLINE: McCain, Palin hit Obama over taxes in NH, Ohio
STORY LEAD: GREEN, Ohio (AP) — John McCain struck an anti-tax chord Wednesday in the state that launched him toward the Republican presidential nomination and in the home state of the plumber he hopes will help him reach the White House. During rallies in New Hampshire and Ohio, the Arizona senator said Democrat Barack Obama favors taxes that will hurt the middle class and small businesses — despite Obama pledging to cut them for 95 percent of taxpayers.


STORY HEADLINE: Shop, baby, shop? GOP spent $150K on Palin clothes
STORY LEAD: WASHINGTON (AP) — When the Republican Party decided to coordinate expenses with John McCain’s presidential campaign, who knew it would be color coordinated? The Republican National Committee spent about $150,000 on clothing, hair styling, makeup and other “campaign accessories” in September for the McCain campaign after Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin joined the ticket as his running mate.


Am I off base here? I’m curious.
Like I said, it gets frustrating. It doesn’t happen all the time … it’s just hard when you’re a newspaper TRYING to be down the middle, and this is what you have to work with.
I’m just sayin.


3 thoughts on “Associated Press bias in the election

  1. Unfortunately, instead of just reporting the news the press ends up trying to have some outcome on the election. Pro or con, they end up being bias one way or another.

    Although you try to be down the middle…….unfortunately, the majority of the time…….you’re not.

    It is very hard to do because we are who we are and feel the way we feel. If you’re honest with you’re feelings, (and I believe you are) is would be extreamly difficult not to be bias to some degree.

    Good luck….Keep on trying.

  2. When I was working towards a degree in journalism, we were required to read at least seven regional and major metropolitan newspapers per day. As my professor would always tell us give them the facts not your opinions, opinions are not unbiased or necessarily accurate.

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