Back from a mini-vacation …

And my reward? 200-plus e-mails since Friday.
But before I even attempt to sort through that mess … here’s what you can expect in the next few days:

1) Photos from our trip to the mountains
My wife and I packed up the dogs and stayed in a bed and breakfast north of Asheville this weekend. We then drove the Blue Ridge Parkway up to Boone before heading back. Plenty of mountainy-foliagy photos await.

2) Forum coverage
In addition to The Herald’s coverage of the political forum we’re hosting Tuesday night (7 p.m. at the Civic Center by the way) …
• I’ll be giving a few thoughts and insights via the cell phone to this blog during the forum …
• I’ll post my complete thoughts (winners/losers) of the forum at this site later that night …
• And we’ll have the videos posted from the forum the next day at, this site and on YouTube.

3) Other stuff.

Good to be back. Let the politicking commence.


One thought on “Back from a mini-vacation …

  1. Hey there! Glad you got to see some good leaves while you were up near Asheville, it sure has been a nice leaf season! If you are interested in taking future trips to Asheville, you may be interested in the blog I write, which is a good resource on the Asheville area (and, admittedly, is also about our vacation rentals – but no pressure!). Take care and happy blogging!

    Carolina Mornings: Discover Asheville

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